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Trump is as wonderful as he says he is

Trump says: "Just kidding"

About the Mexican Judge.

..........Until November



Rats are deserting

That ship the GOP built

Because they are scared.



Even Ivanka --

The cool cucumber she is

Knows not what to say.



Sing along with Trump:

Mexicans, Muslims, and blacks...

All love me because?


Women know I'm great

Because I'm not a loser.

Mommy, me!!!!!

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Posting a candidate's taxes matters

There are currently three contenders for the Office of President of the United States.  Only one has posted her taxes (for the preceding 10 years).  Donald first said he would; then said (today) that it is none of George Stephanopolis' business (and by implication, US voters as well).  Bernie posted an abridged 2014 return, and stated that he would only release others if Hillary would publish the texts of her speeches to Wall Street groups.  Bernie"s speeches in Nicaragua and Cuba have not been released, nor Donald's speeches, which very likely would surprise his base.

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The Moral Dilemma Discussed

Years ago I took a psychology course at The George Washington University, where I also worked.  One of the exercises, which will be recognized by anyone who has ever taken a Psych course, is one called "moral Dilemmas."  In case you haven't taken such a course, I will give you a couple of examples:

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What is a "BOT?"

Having just recently been called a "Hilbot," and feeling insulted by that, I thought I would ask for feedback about what the definition really is.  I was formerly called an "Obama-bot," and didn't like that either.  I associate the name with uninformed and thoughtless loyalty to a particular candidate, along with a rigidity that precludes any objectivity.

I did try the internet, but bots are just fly larvae, so not helpful.


I now feel that a short-hand definition is simply this:  

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Loose Lips Sink Ships

Years ago I watched a movie about WWII. It was black & white (so really old). It was all about some German spies who were being schooled in colloquial American language, such as who they wanted to win the World Series, and other theoretically "loyalty" questions in order that they could get onto US Navy ships and wreak havoc. They learned the typical "rah rah" type of one team over the other, they learned accents, etc, and finally they were deemed ready to begin their operation, which would sink the whole US Fleet.

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re: the Malaysian "Mystery Flight" A Very Curious New York Times Article that Everyone is Ignoring

I found this article in a New York Times newsdump in my email.  I was struck by the reference to a Malaysian pilot who expressed an interest in terrorism and a second reference to another Malaysian who wanted to use a shoe bomb to gain access to a cockpit (and was given a shoe bomb).

I sent this to Josh at TPM and also to MSNBC but did not get a reply from either.  Any thoughts from my fellow Dagbloggers?  It seems so odd to ignore this!

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With extreme apologies to Dr. Seuss:



Mr. Cruz, become aware-

Our country needs ObamaCare

Despite your oratory tear.

You and your TeaParty Group

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012: Mitt Romney's To Do List

1.  Call accountant to amend tax returns to reflect all the deductions previously not taken to keep tax rate above 14%

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Romney/Ryan Care --The Future as Captured in a You Tube Short

Camera UP:  View of Signage:


Ten Years From Now Under the Romney/Ryan Dystopian World


Location:  A typical doctor's office.  Patient (Mr Jones -- around 65ish in age) is seated on an exam table, and his wife is standing by.  They are both looking hopefully at the doctor ---



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