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Two For Two: Podesta Answers My Question about Single-Payer -- It's Off The Table

Thanks to all who went over to yesterday and rec'd my question.  It was ranked as 3rd.  When Podesta answered it (about half-way into the first screen), the answer is clear.  The Health Care proposal coming out of this...
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These Ads Are Hurting My Eyes!

Ok, Am I the only person who cringes every time I click on anywhere here at TPM, and either see hideous abdominal flab staring back at me, or contrasting yellow next to amazingly white (but both unappealing) teeth?Yuk!  Yuk! Yuk!...
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Forget Single-Payer, or..."The Obama Health Care Plan According to Zeke Emmanuel"

I heard Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel interviewed on a local NPR station this morning; you can go here for it.  He is Rahm's brother, and is a part of the Obama administration's health care team.  This is a brief summary from what...
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Empty Nest

I have known this was coming for 23 years, and yet I am totally unprepared for this feeling.  All my children are sleeping in apartments or dormitories rather than down the hall from me.  I stayed home with them for...
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What is FireFox and Should I Download It?

I saw the advert on this site, and I've heard good things about FireFox, but I am pretty illiterate on this subject, so I am asking my friends here for advice.  I just got my first MacBook, so I have...
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Vote Joe Lieberman on or Off the Island/ (and irate comments about Sarah Palin's knowledge)

Joe wants back in.  He now respects Barack Obama; the same man who he formerly said did not "put country first."  I won't go over the many quotes, but will he get away with this?  I personally believe that Lieberman...
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OK, I have a question. How was John McCain serving his country when he was 17?

I just saw his new ad, and I heard for the umpteenth time that he has been serving the country since he was 17.  He was born in 1936, which would put make him 17 years old in 1953.  He...
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Blogging Without the Option of Comment

I never knew that a person could write a blog, put it up for the community, and decline the comments of fellow posters.  "Truthseeker" (an Orwellian name if ever there was one) has done it twice that I am aware...
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Some questions about the New Improved TPM

I am pleased with many of the changes here, and I realize that the things that aren't working for me are likely things I haven't figured out yet.  1.  How do you track your comments to see if you have...
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The Steve McQueen Standard -- How Will History Judge Us?

I've just been watching Steve McQueen in The Great Escape, a story about American soldiers caught by nasty Germans and held prisoner during WWII.  The soldiers are held in internment camps, and are subjected to verbal and physical abuse.  The...


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