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The Public Option? Alive? Could it be?

From there is news that may give us all some hope:Just when you thought the last nail had been driven in the public option coffin months ago, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the public option has once again returned...
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OK, TPM! Let's Get Behind Elizabeth Warren for Head of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency!

It Seems that Tim Geithner doesn't want Elizabeth Warren in the new position.If we have a voice here at TPM, it is time to raise it now:Warren has been an aggressive proponent for the bureau in public and behind the scenes, working...
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To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Years ago I had a recurring dream.  I was in a house (in each dream it was a different house, but it was always my house; one that I was familiar with).  I would open a door, or go around...
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If Kucinich Had Won

I have been struck by the multiple blogs and comments that give the President no credit at all for anything he has done, and disparage him relentlessly for all that he has not accomplished.  I have said repeatedly that I...
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Face-Book: I Respectfully Request an Opt-Out

I do not like or appreciate being asked every time I make a comment if I want it posted on my Face-book page.  A little history:   After much aggravation, and a few major arguments and many insults; plus having...
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Hey, everybody -- Wake up! The Public Option is Aive!

I guess the in-your-face absurdity of Blue/Cross Blue/Shield of California raising premiums by as much as 39% finally got a rise out of some of those who represent us in Congress!  There is a rising tide (see the front page) and...
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From Wall Street to Main Street -- Some Simple Questions

My understanding is that the money that was loaned to the too big to fail banks, is being paid back to the US Treasury coffers.  The republicans are still complaining that the outgo of that money increased the deficit.  ...
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Looting? Or Salvaging?

How is it considered "looting" when people go into completely ruined buildings to retrieve water and other life-sustaining objects?  If you were in an airplane crash and survived and took food and water, blankets, and whatever else might help --...
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The World Is in the Crapper - It is Time to Kick Puppies

Word is, the groundhog will come out of his hole early and see his face in the mirror;  and run back into his hole, indicating that nuclear war is imminent because of our President's acceptance of the Nobel Prize.  And...
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DVD's that no one should miss

OK, as long as I have been here (which is at least 5 years, although I don't remember for sure) I don't know if this is the worst time or the best time to post a blog.  But I am...


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