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On The Lecture Circuit

Here's what I know about the lecture circuit from being a part of it back in 82. I was a salaried employee, which in that world meant I was a step above the people who got paid an hourly wage, in a mid level national computer company. When my team got sent out to Indianapolis or Colorado Springs we were on an expense account. We didn't stay at Trump Towers quality hotels but we sure didn't get put up at a Motel 6. We didn't eat at diners. The company paid for fancy restaurants. I still remember the coconut breaded shrimp, the lobster, the filet mignon. I'm not talking about Red Lobster or Olive Gardens. We went to quality restaurants that I haven't been able to afford since.

Is Trump a Racist?

I've seen a lot of discussion on this question this week. The right has been making the claim that Trump is correct when he pointed out that there was violence on both sides. The left that one cannot make a moral equivalency between those who protest for white supremacy and those who counter protest. I have just one small point to make on the question.

Trump claimed at his last news conference on the issue that he watched all the videos of the Charlottesville protests, better than you all did, he told the reporters. He claimed the protests on Friday night were peaceful and about the statues.

covering the border wall with solar panels

Trump has been talking up putting solar panels on his border wall. As usual this is a stupid idea used by Trump as propaganda to appeal to democrats. Since democrats accept the science on climate change and support renewable energy Trump supposes they will support his border wall if it's covered in solar panels. This off the cuff bullshit isn't workable due to the science of electric transmission.

an interlude



Is It All Hillary's Fault?

Hillary certainly has to bear the responsibility for her loss. But is it true that if only Sanders or Biden or anybody else would have won? In almost every state, whether she won or lost, she out performed the down ballot state races. NH is too close to call but the republican easily picked up the governorship. AZ is still too close to call but McCain beat Kirkpatrick by 12 points. Even in IL where both Hillary and Duckworth won Hillary's margin of victory was larger than Duckworth's. Hillary outperformed Feingold in WI. Hillary out performed Barksdale in GA.

New Damaging Revelations in Clinton email probe

I have to come clean before Comey sends a letter to congress about my computer and I get caught up in a national scandal. Hundreds of emails from Hillary and her campaign surrogates have been discovered in my in box. It could be they contain classified information. In all fairness to Hillary there is some possibility that the emails are duplicates of fundraising emails sent to millions of supporters on the campaign's email list.

Changes in the democratic primary system?

I often wonder if a person's views change with the candidate they support. My opinions transcend the candidate I support. Every thing I'm posting here I not only believed before this primary but I believed long before the 08 primary. If TPM had saved it's reader's blogs discussions much of this post could be found there from ten years ago.

if we want to stop mass shootings we must call them crackers

I hate to say it but Trump has a point. If we want to stop mass shootings by Muslims we must call them Radical Islamic terrorists.  If only Obama had done this the Orlando shooting would never have happened

We must face the fact that most mass shootings are committed by white men. The only way to stop this is to call them Cracker terrorists. Or perhaps Trailer Trash terrorists. It's the only way to stop it.

Bernie calls for a revolution

America is broken. The problems are numerous. Banks, Wall Street Bankers, Hedge funds, big banks too big to fail, corporations, and rich bankers. Business as usual will not solve our problems. We need a Revolution. A Revolution of The People, The People who are democratic senators. The People who are democratic representatives. The People who are democratic governors and democratic mayors. The People who are democratic super delegates.

Protesters Dragged Out of Trump Rally

Some recent video from a Trump rally.

Several protesters were dragged out of a Donald Trump rally in New Orleans last night by his security personnel. Rally attendants yelled “all lives matter” and shoved them as they were being forcibly ejected.


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