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MASS Voters Want Dems To Be Bolder & Favor Public Option

I got an e-mail from Jim Dean over at Democracy for America today.  It's pretty damn interesting because it refutes with data the specious arguments of the corporate Democrats about needing to "pull back" and be more conservative as a...
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The Tragedy Of Obama

Following is a very brief piece written by Michael Lind I just read over at Salon titled "The Tragedy of Obama".  It says quite a bit in a very short space.  I recommend it to all.  Brief as it is, it...
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MLK III Observing, Not Celebrating Holiday

  Below is the lead of an article reminding us what Martin Luther King, Jr. was all about.  It was more than "the dream" so trivialized and sanitized by repetition to the exclusion of what King's life work was...
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Howard Zinn: We Cannot Tolerate War

  I read somewhere not too long ago that Professor Howard Zinn is the greatest living American.  Personally, I find that statement hard to argue with.  He has spoken eloquently and acted decisively against war, against the abuses and excesses...
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Credit Card "Reform" By And For The Card Issuers

Earlier this year, the same corporate/DLC Democrats who have been calling the shots on alleged healthcare reform similarly shepherded though Congress and allged credit card reform bill.  The bill was touted as finally protecting consumers from the worst practices of...
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A Christmas Message

During his lifetime I heard my father give this blessing countless times.  I share it this Christmas with all who are open to it and the spirit in which it is given.  Gloria In Excelcis Deo!   Go out into the world...
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Happy Hannukah!

An ancient season of hope opens for all! Happy Hannukah to everyone at TPM, readers, staff, bloggers, even trolls! Shabbat Shalom!  ...
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"The Preacher And The Slave"

Above: the body of IWW organizer Joe Hill after his execution 94 years ago in 1915. I've been thinking a lot about how Americans today are being asked to "understand" that somewhere down the road they will get the...
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Why Have We Subjugated Ourselves?

I posted a comment a few days ago that Ramona and Flowerchild both requested I post on it's own so I am doing that here.  In the original post about the different approaches of the two political parties the following question was...
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Another Installment of "I'm a Democrat & I'm a Republican"

It becomes clearer with each passing day that the legislation being labeled healthcare reform in both houses of Congress is really an industry sponsored special interest bill that isn't healthcare reform at all.  Reid and Obama don't even refer to...


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