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Obama: Keep Your Promise! Restore The Rule Of Law! Abandon Your Illegal, Unconstitutional Policies

A recent secret decision by a federal judge to grant a petition for habeus corpus was declassified and made public for all to see.  The decision makes clear what an aberrant and odious policy the United States continues to pursue in...
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Shades of Cambodia And Laos! Butcher McChrystal Claims Iran Trains The Taliban!

Of all the bullshit lies we've seen justifying our unjustifiable imperialist wars in the Muslim world the latest lie being trotted out is, in my opinion, the most absurd and transparently lacking in any credibility whatsoever.  Every lie and deception...
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Our Choice: Kill The Future Of The World Or Preserve It

  Climate change threatens the very existence of the human civilization it has taken 5,000 years for us and our ancestors to build.  We have already gone beyond the point where any "easy" fixes are out of the question. ...
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UN Fears "Irreversible" Damage To Natural Environment

  The greatest possible sin, IMHO, would be to allow the destruction of our environment to reach the point where humanity will have killed itself off by destroying this magnificent and bountiful planet that is mother to us all.  If...
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Obama Trades Rule Of Law For Easy Confirmation Of Kagan

By his nomination of Solicitor General Kagan to the SCOTUS, the nominally Democratic President of the United States has closed the door on restoration of our republic dashing the hopes of millions who had voted for him precisely because he...
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100% Failsafe Protection Is Available Against Future Offshore Drilling Oil Spill Catastrophes

Ban all offshore drilling forever! It is the only way. We cannot afford to damage our environment with any more catastrophic oil spills.  We simply can't.  Our environment is already under siege as it is.  The Gulf of Mexico...
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Disaster In Gulf Threatens Massive Oil Spill: 300,000 Gallons/day

Burning oil rig sinks, setting stage for big spill By KEVIN McGILL and HOLBROOK MOHR, Associated Press Writers Kevin Mcgill And Holbrook Mohr, Associated Press Writers NEW ORLEANS - A deepwater oil platform that burned for more than a...
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Assassinations Of Citizens On Orders From The Emperor

Glenn Greenwald, almost alone---even on the internet, has been documenting the increasing lawlessness of the Obama administration and particularly the extension of the illegal, unconstitutional claim to have the authority to order the killing of citizens of the United States...
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Beyond Vietnam

Tavis Smiley is doing a real public service by airing a broadcast tonight examining Martin Luther King's "Beyond Vietnam" speech.  Smiley's program is called: "MLK: A Call To Conscience" and it airs this evening on PBS stations.  The speech...
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High Fives On Reducing Government Healthcare Cost: No Mention Of Reducing Government Costs For War

"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed."Eisenhower---Address to the American Society of Newspaper Editors,...


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