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    How to Reduce Racial Animus 101

    HarvardThe good parents in central New Jersey's West Windsor - Plainsboro Regional School District are embroiled in a conflict over best educational practices that has broken down along racial lines.


    Berntrayal: we wuz robbed

    Keeping an eye on the Bernie squad's meta for some time, there's been an interesting undercurrent of how unfair the whole process is since last summer.

    What's funny to me is why this is news.

    Consider five businessmen at lunch

    Actually more than 5, but there are only 5 that count.

    There's a view of the top of the Chrysler building, not that anyone looks. Conversation is desultory. Not about the NFL. It's an international group.

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    The Christmas Star

    It's Christmas, the second-most-important Christian holiday and the most important holiday for many Americans. Tonight is Christmas Eve. But for some families, every year, Christmas comes at a moment that seems dark and difficult. Many of my friends are in my thoughts tonight, and my own family is grieving.

    This will be our last Christmas with Mom. My mother is in hospice. She spoke during the fall about wanting to make it to Christmas, and she has. I am immensely thankful. I am very sad. We have her; we will lose her. The two truths are not separate.

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    The Gender Gap among Democratic Voters

    he-manThe idea has taken hold in some circles that a fair number of Bernie Sanders supporters are sexist.  Fellow Dagblogger PeraclesPlease describes "leftist misogyny" as "waiting for the right woman [not Hillary]".

    At Salon, the reliably misandrist Amanda Marcotte identifies a "Bernie bro phenomenon" consisting "of young men whose enthusiasm for socialism is goosed by an unacknowledged sexism".  Slate's more credible Michelle Goldberg contends many male Bernie backers "certainly don’t care about female leadership."

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    Peace Is A Wish Our Hearts Make

    As someone who wallows in politics, in opining, in making fun of those who, if I were the violent type, would be subject to ear pulls and nose-tweaking, I'm still surprised when, like clockwork, these are my thoughts at Christmas time:

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    Terrorism, Elections, and Keeping Faith with America

    What I would love, more than nearly any other possible thing, is for the Republican presidential to shut their mouths about how frightening Daesh is. That's exactly what Daesh wants, and it is shameful that Trump, Carson, Christie, Cruz, and the rest give Daesh that satisfaction. It is still more disgraceful still to give terrorists any advantage in the hopes of gaining political advantage oneself. But my biggest question is, where is their national pride? When did the Republican candidates forget they were Americans?

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    My Irrelevant Rant: Donald Trump, Debbie Wasserman Schulz, Howard Dean & Me

    It all began in July, Donald Trump was on TV continuously, I had a dental appointment coming up. I slept very deeply the night before my appointment and I was dreaming, I mean having a nightmare.  I sat straight up in bed scared to death, because I'd dreamt Donald Trump was my dentist. There he was standing over my face, dye job gone wrong red hair and his his skin was a light cheeto tint, it was disturbing and probably true, but I've never been that close to Donald Trump to say that is absolutely factual. His assistant was everything you would expect of a Trump assistant.

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    What the CWA and DFA Endorsements Mean

    sandersBernie Sanders' Presidential bid received two significant boosts today. First, the 700,000 member Communications Workers of America (CWA) endorsed Sanders. Then, Howard Dean's Democracy for America (DFA) bucked its founder's call for members to support Clinton and instead overwhelmingly opted to back Dean's fellow Vermonter. Here are five takeaways:

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    Symbols play a very important role in our society, because uniforms, badges, robes and such help us to identify the various roles that people play to hold our society together. That's why it is so important that people who are given symbols of authority represent those symbols well, and it's also important for the public to always remain aware of the psychological impact that symbols have on our psyche.

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    When Ronald Reagan first arrived at the White House, he removed the solar cells from the roof of his new home that had just been installed by Jimmy Carter.


    Out of spite or was it due to the lobbyists who were afraid of this new technology OR was it due to energy lobbyists?

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    The Revolution of the 1%

    I know that I'm supposed to fear that the political ascendancy of Donald Trump is just evidence of our society sliding, like Weimar Germany, into unrepentant fascism, but I still think his campaign is a lot of fun because he is a very powerful man bent on speaking truth to power.

    Take, for example, his "sorry, not sorry," apology to Republican power brokers:

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    Crying Out To An Apathetic Nation

    Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.
    --Steven Weinberg

    This kind of radical imagery is necessary if we (religious and secular people of good faith and intentions) are ever going to shatter a cultural symbolic order that seeks to lessen the suffering of others. We ingest this symbolic order through benign daily conversations, and the ideas and images disseminated through television and other forms of media. We are being consciously and sometimes subconsciously conditioned to see some people as less than us. 

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    Armitage Siren.JPG

    Okay, I need a new notebook.

    I mean, I need pages that can be properly folded!

    I watch my cable far tooooo much.

    Yet, I eschew most of the messages.

    These ads tell me I am in need.

    And who the hell is not in need?

    Missed Opportunities

    More surprising than Scalia's attitudes this week were the Texas attorney's weak arguments.

    "Now's not the time to lower diversity"? Jesus Christ, why not say "you're wrong, I'm right"? Wouldn't we demand our money back, look for better support than this?

    Try it this way -

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    Obama Should Not Have Spoken Tonight

    What happened in San Bernardino represents an unwelcome threshold between the ideal behind Islamic-inspired international terrorism and homegrown violence.  Obama made a mistake tonight by elevating a criminal event into an international incident.

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    Most Americans have embraced a philosophy of "go-along-to get-along," and that's a philosophy that has never served minorities, or the working class, well. It's a philosophy that only serves to maintain the status quo. So if you're at the bottom of the ladder, not being paid a living wage, and being treated unjustly, helping to maintain the status quo virtually guarantees that you'll remain in that condition. On the other hand, if you're one of those lucky few who have managed to accumulate a few of the finer things in life, you're doing a gross disservice to all those people of high moral character and integrity who came before you and made your lifestyle possible.

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    A Pre-Approved Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon

    tanka haiku:

    "That's me with Santa"...
    "Why are you on a horse and
    not on a reindeer?"

    Grandma paused and then whispered,
    "Dear, no-one sits on Rudolph."

    (My mom with Santa ... circa 1927)

    Steven Salaita Not Begging in Beirut

    Remember the ethnic Arab academic, Steven Salaita, an American born citizen who couldn't help broadcasting anti-Israel social media 'hate speech'  in 2014, sample:

    "Zionist uplift in America: every little Jewish boy and girl can grow up to be the leader of a murderous colonial regime."

    "If (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu appeared on TV with a necklace made from the teeth of Palestinian children, would anybody be surprised?"

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    The problem with Hillary Clinton's anecdotes

    HRCNHAs is her wont, Hillary Clinton is telling tales on the campaign trail. Eight years ago, she cited her landing in Sarajevo during the Balkans war under sniper fire and having "to run with our heads down" from the plane as evidence that she had more foreign policy experience than then-Senator Barack Obama. 



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