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My Expectations for Libya

While I have more or less been clear about my feelings toward war, I am nonetheless a realist. I understand that the War in Libya is happening and won’t end until all objectives are met.

Thus, when President Barack Obama gave his speech this week explaining the humanitarian reasons for the U.S.-led UN-Approved No-Fly Zone War on Libya, I, like many liberals, stood behind my President 100 percent. And while Obama did not lay out any type of exit strategy, I have my own modest expectations on how this humanitarian war effort will proceed:

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Feminist or not, Liberal Men must fight against the GOP's War on Women

I am a feminist. I understand that some may argue with that or claim I am a poor example of a feminist - I am far from perfect in this self-assessment. But I do understand the movement, and at very least work to be a feminist ally.

I have no fear of the term "feminist." It's demonization has little to no affect on me. There is not one part of me that is lessened by my feminist beliefs. As much as I can proudly state I am a liberal, I can state that I am a feminist.

And now is the time for more Liberal men to stand up with feminists. [Read more]

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Elizabeth Taylor dead at age 79

Good Morning America has reported that actress Elizabeth Taylor has died at the age of 79. The Today Show has also reported the news, which is now being reported by all major news agencies. [Read more]

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GOP: New Anti-Abortion & Anti-Women Laws Will Create Jobs

WASHINGTON – Having taken criticism for not attempting any job-related legislation after campaigning on the issue, Speaker of the House John Boehner announced today that Republicans around the nation have been creating jobs with anti-abortion legislation. [Read more]

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America still disconnected

WKW Note: This was originally posted in Feb. 2010, but with current events in Libya and around the globe, maintains it’s timeliness.

The disconnect never fails to amaze me. Death on a personal level is a heart-wrenching, life-altering affair. The recovery is a long process, filled with grief. Losing a loved one stays with you until you finally join them. But being part of the machine that gives others the same grief on a spectacular level has little to no effect. [Read more]

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With Obama in Brazil, Gaddafi takes over the White House

WASHINGTON – Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi today took over the White House, which had been empty due to President Barack Obama’s trip to Brazil.

“I now am President of America,” said Gaddafi, who sneaked in a back door into the empty White House. “Bow before me, infidels!”

After taking over the Oval Office, Gaddafi’s first order of business was to change the name of the United States to “Libya 2.” [Read more]

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God Smites the Living Hell Out of Fred Phelps, Westboro Baptist Church

HARRISBURG, Pa — After years of fielding complaints that he had not taken a hard enough stance against Westboro Baptist Church and its hate speech, Almighty God today unleashed what onlookers have described as a “shitload of smiting” against the controversial group that just won a Supreme Court case on free speech.

“Guess God don’t much care for Supreme Court cases,” said the onlooker, Jim Thompson of Dubuque, Iowa. “Because God just WENT OFF!” [Read more]

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Parents to fix household budget deficit by cutting child's allowance

DES MOINES – Having declared that their current budgetary path is “unsustainable,” Bob & Peggy Thompson of Des Moines today announced that they will be cutting the $1-a-week allowance they give to their 5-year-old child, Jessica.

“Having gone over our current budget deficit, we have come to the realization that sacrifices will have to be made,” said Bob Thompson, 44. “These cuts may not be popular in the short-term, but are necessary for our household to rein in our spending.” [Read more]

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Winning and losing

Spc. Jason M. Weaver will not be appearing on the Howard Stern show.

Insurgents attacked Spc. Jason M. Weaver's unit in the Kandahar province on March 3. An improvised explosive device killed the 22-year-old, who had been deployed for the first time.

Cpl. Andrew Wilfahrt will not be interviewed on the Today Show. [Read more]

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Respect Jon Cryer

Jon Cryer isn’t all about winning. Jon Cryer is happy with a draw.

Jon Cryer’s best-known role as an actor was as Ducky. And he’s Ok with that.

If a neighbor asked Jon Cryer to pick up their mail while they were on vacation, Jon Cryer would do it. Maybe he’d miss a day, but he would never let the mail pile up.

Hardly anyone actually hates Jon Cryer. On the flip side, no one’s completely obsessed with him. And Jon Cryer thinks that’s Ok.

Jon Cryer is fun at parties but likes to leave early because he likes to get up fairly early. [Read more]

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Bill O'Reilly discovers violence - and palm trees - in Wisconsin

It seems Bill O'Reilly and Fox News have discovered violent protesters in Wisconsin:

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Bill Gates speaks truth: "Those anti-vaccine efforts -- they kill children"

Talking to CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Bill Gates minced no words in stating his opinion on anti-vaxxers and fraudulent researcher Andrew Wakefield: [Read more]

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An Anonymous storm is gathering - Let it rain


"Anonymous is not the name of an organization. In fact, "organization" is the least appropriate word to describe the phenomenon that is Anonymous. It might be better to call Anonymous a movement, or a trend, or even a philosophy. However, the best ways to describe Anonymous is as a group action, a spontaneous and unified activity performed by like-minded people with no specific starting point. Fans of anime might call Anonymous a "stand-alone complex." -- Will Greenwald, PC Magazine. [Read more]

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Will an active professional American male athlete ever come out of the closet?

Q: What do the NBA, Major League Baseball, PGA Tour, NFL, Major League Soccer and NHL have in common?

A: Spacious closets.

Yes, friends, the six biggest male professional sports leagues in America share one major thing – not a single one its athletes is openly gay. Not one.

Which makes English cricketer Steven Davies admission that he is a gay male all the more brave. From Towleroad: [Read more]

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Kazaky - the greatest thing you'll see all weekend

This is awesome on more levels than actually exist. Let me present Ukranian sensations, Kazaky


Just try and feel sad now.



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Charlie Sheen inspires me

As with most mornings, I woke up and immediately perused TMZ. Because if you can't keep up with celebrity gossip, you just shouldn't be a blogger. Anyway, I was struck today by a story on TMZ about Charlie Sheen. This is not abnormal, mind you, as without Sheen and Lindsay Lohan, TMZ has nothing but blank pages. Hell, they are even going Taco Bell by combining their two favorite ingrediants into one big enchilada of addiction. [Read more]

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The music keeps playing for Mike Finnigan

Aside from being a founding father of the modern blogging culture (he lent John Amato money to get Crooks & Liars started), Mike Finnigan has decided it’s time to hang up his blogging pen and enjoy his travels as one of the world’s most well-respected musicians.

Today, Finnegan announced he will leaving his long-time spot at Crooks & Liars, as well as his “Mike’s Blog Round Up: his daily blog post shining a light on smaller bloggers. The name and spirit of the daily post will remain, however. Here’s what Finnegan had to say at Crooks & Liars: [Read more]

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Reggie Bush, a fire, and Twitter

Here we have a short tale on Twitter of how professional NFL Player Reggie Bush handles a fire at his neighbor’s house.

Reggie Bush - @reggie_bush

Damn my neighbors house is on fire!!!!! Whoa!!

about 1 hour ago 

Brand new house he couldn’t have been living in it more than a month! This is crazy!!!!

about 1 hour ago  [Read more]

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"Crazy Eddie" Fraudster Sam Antar to return to crime - thanks to Darrell Issa & Anti-Regulation Republicans

Sam Antar, one of the architects of the “Crazy Eddie” fraud of the 1980s, has examined the current state of politics and has made an important decision - He's going back to crime. [Read more]

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William K. Wolfrum resigns after lurid but pathetic Craigslist encounter

Noted blogger and journalist William K. Wolfrum resigned today after the Web Site Gawker ran incriminating and racy photos and text that he had sent to an unidentified woman on Craigslist. [Read more]

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