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    An American Boy

    I am kind, giving and strong. I am fair and law-abiding. I am smart and resourceful. I respect others and I do no harm. I follow the words of Jesus Christ. I am an American Boy.

    When I am called on to help, you can count on me. I'll be there, without a care for my own benefit. Because I've been taught that to give is divine and that it's far easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to get into heaven. So when others are in need, I answer the call.

    My strength is legendary, but it is not my way to abuse it. I only use my strength when absolutely necessary, lest I abuse it. The world is not my playground to take advantage of as I wish, but it is instead the greatest gift bestowed on us all.

    I believe in justice for all, not for the few. I believe we live in a complex world which requires increasing levels of understanding. And I find no bliss in ignorance.

    I believe in freedom for all.

    I believe in liberty.

    I believe in peace on Earth.

    I believe in the words of Jesus.

    These are the things I believe. Because these are the things I was taught, as an American Boy.



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