DOJ Coup talk from Trump's favorite media peeps

    Maybe use this thread to keep track of stuff like this, which I saw only because it was retweeted by Media Matters:

    The Perils of Universalism

    political Universalism is a scam. It is a cowardly response to the alt-right. The alt-right openly espouses white supremacy. Universalism pretends that white supremacy will end if the Left simply doesn’t mention race. From an excellent takedown of Universalism by Leo Casey in Dissent Magazine


    "Vote Common Good"

    Interesting movement. Twitter feed here

    Couple of recent tweets:

    Kavanaugh could save the Republicans

    by confessing.

    Otherwise there is going to be a democratic House after November.

    But  if Kavanaugh admits the charge, apologizes and  rends  his garments appropriately there is an army of Republican women who would  feel  they should exercise their mature powers by defying the polls and make their usual comfortable Republican vote. Including the two last hopes in the Senate.

    What Liberals Get Wrong About Identity Politics

    A group of black feminists met in the mid1970s to address issues that felt were being ignored by white feminists, and black, mostly male-led, Civil Rights organizations. They called themselves the Combahee River Collective. .In 1977, the group issued a statement 

    "It's time to admit

    “ that I once withheld important information from readers”John Authers wrote in last weekend’s FT.  “ It was 10 years ago…….I think I did the right thing. But a decade on I need to discuss it”

    "The moment came  September 17 2008…..when world finance came closest to...collapse. But I did not write as much.”

    Authers authors (if you’ll permit me ) what can be  an influential FT column. If he writes it.


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    9/11 and photographer Richard Drew

    9:41.15 a.m. EST September 11, 2001

    Richard Drew is an Associated Press photo-journalist.
    In 2001, he took the photo entitled The Falling Man, which captured
    the image of a man falling from the World Trade Center towers.
    Drew was one of four press photographers present at the assassination
    of Robert F. Kennedy.


    The Falling Man | By Tom Junod | Esquire

    When Being Black Violates the Dress Code

    Braids are not offensive. There is nothing rational about banning braids from schools. A 6th year old black child was sent home from one Christian school in Florida for wearing braids.

    In a more recent episode, a sixth grade girl was sent home in tears because her Christian school said her braids violated policy. The case has gone to court.

    White Supremacy versus Identity Politics

    Almost in response to the criticism of identity politics by Fukuyama and Appiah, comes a NYT article by  Pankaj Mishra describing the cult of whiteness that limits progress. It is hard to separate issues like identity politics and cultural appropriation from white supremacy. Fukuyama and Appiah view marginalized group protest as a means of creating  identity politics in reactionaries. Mishra views identity politics as a demand of respect from marginalized groups. He views white supremacy is always in action and is always attempting to suppress ethnic minorities. 

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    Spreading the propaganda on every front lawn and driveway


    This 28 page broadsheet was distrbuted in the dark of night
    at every home in our neighborhood here in the LA area.

    Here's Paul Taylor candidate for the Republican nomination
    for the Senate seat currently held by Dianne Feinstein

    All first graders

    should read at first grade level at the end of the year.

    And bridges shouldn't fall down.

    That wouldn't eliminate inequality or improve Israeli-Arab relations but it would ensure that all second graders would be ready for the second grade -and make it safe to cross the Missouri. That would be a start,

    Reading  D-blog  clearly there is a palpable sense of despair at the injustices that desperately need to be remedied and the inadequacies of the "leaders" who  should do that . Guess what , that was always the case.

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    Tucker Carlson is an honorable man. Or so some say.

    Here is TYT discussing Taco Carlson's issue with 'Mexican Food?'



    This discussion is a little old, but two or three days does not seem old to this old guy.


    Study Suggests Black Men Prefer Black Doctors

    A Stanford study of black men receiving free preventative health care advice at a clinic in Oakland noted that the men were more likely to do testing to guide future therapy if they received advice from black male physicians. The reason included the fact that the black physician’s actually seemed to care more about the care the men received than white or Asian doctors. Compliance rates with suggestions offered by black physicians was in the 60% range compared to 40% compliance with white or Asian physicians.

    Moderate pundits troll Jerry Falwell Jr.

    Just a couple fun ones that I ran across retweeted by Preet Bharara on Twitter:

    Trump Toady Paris Dennard is All In for a Coup

    There was a chilling exchange between Trump toady Paris Dennard and ex-CIA official Philip Mudd. Dennard agrees with the policy of revoking security clearances from people who criticize the President. He demeans the service of many brave men and women. He does not care what this does to the security of the United States. You have to watch the clip of the segments as mere words cannot transmit the horror.

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    Ambassadors of Conscience

    It seems that notwithstanding a pathological level of data ingestion, I overlooked (maybe you did too....) the significance of the award to Colin Kaepernick by Amnesty International (whose doings normally register on me, i swear it...).


    So, it seems, Amnesty gave him this year's "Ambassador of Conscience award.


    "Get tht sonofabitch off the field and up here to get his statuette!"


    The fat fuck in the White House has usefully informed us this week that the protests sparked by Kaepernick address issues not germane to their proponents.


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