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Favorite Quotes

REX VISIGOTHIS:"I believe in less than enough feed, just enough speed, more than enough weed, and way too much pussy"

BERNARD EIBER: "You write like a god"

KATHY SISSON: "You fuck like a god"

SUZANNE FARRELL: "Someone had to be eliminated, and poor Roger was the most expendable"

VANESSA FARRELL: "You have such a pretty dick"

MY SISTER: "He wasn't always like should have seen him before all the acid.  My God, he's a Woodrow Wilson Fellow!"

MY MOTHER: "So I told his father, 'Look Manny, let's don't kid ourselves.  All he really wants to do is get high and get laid..."



Jollyroger admits that he did work his way through stripper school as a lawyer, but since graduating he has rehabilitated himself, and profits no longer from the misfortune of his brothers, but from the lust of his sisters instead. He is currently on the 60 day DL (too fat); Until he is called back up to the show, he is temping as an inventor.


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Michael Corleone to Hyman Roth::"In MY HOME! In MY BEDROOM!...IN THE FUCKIN' GREEN ZONE!"

Am astonishing yawn has greeted the *first death of American soldiers by rocket fire in the Green Zone on Sunday.Not the insinuation into general commerce of a stealthy suicide bomber, not the furtive emplacement of a booby trap (IED), but...
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Roger Stone: Punk. Sets up prick prosecutor, makes cool blind brother Gov...

If we wanted any better proof that the great right wing conspiracy is a caravan of clowns, consider this:Assuming (<i>arguendo,/i>) the truth of the story crediting Republican bad boy Roger Stone with letting the dogs out, so to speak, and...
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Geraldine Ferraro 's appreciation of Obama's DNA was merited, if misplaced:  Daddy was a Harvard PhD.(economics--yeah, it was news to ME too) and, of course, Editor in Chief, Harvard Law Review is a famous affirmative action slot... Which is offered in support of Michelle Obama's wry remark that the American people don't get a shot at president's...
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QUERY: Who was the genius behind Fred Thompson's kamikaze run? McCain?

His mission accomplished, the man who, famously, "campaigned as if he really didn't want to be president" (hint: he didn't), gratefully returns to private life. Assuming (as we may without excessive cynicism) that the sole purpose of his run was...
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Middle aged men rejuvenated by steroids and growth hormone; Can I please have some?

As the shitstorm swirls around yesterday's Boys of Summer, now the goats of Fall, may we not pause a moment in wonder at the miracles of chemistry? Just because teenage boys (already suffering from testosterone poisoning...) ought not bump their...
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Profoundly betraying principle and party, the hands that held the dagger have struck it into the back of the constitution. Only someone extorted by the most exquisite blackmail could be so base as these two. (Help me, Jesus, Dianne is...
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Mukasey replied, “I don’t know what is involved in the technique.”

Mukasey appears to be the only person over the age of 5 in the entire country who doesn't know what waterboarding is. As we reflect on the astonishing sequel to that preposterous assertion, viz: an additional several days to come...
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The Tony Montana Institute for Progressive Conflict Resolution ("No women, no kids") announces the first annual *Fortney, and solicits nominations from the public. The award goes to that figure in public life who most clearly, by his inexplicably craven consumption...
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The strikes were in retaliation for a rebel ambush ...

Turkey Shells Kurd Rebels in Iraq This day was always coming, ever since the end of Gulf War I when the no-fly zone was declared. Perhaps the Turks, knowing they would someday need unimpeded access to their border with...
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eavesdropping and the "new technology" riddle: an hypothesis

Josh has linked to a variety of tech/sigint/spook sites mulling the interface of technology, tradecraft, and gumshoe lore seeking an explanation for the strange decision by the administration to eschew the legal route to sigint for a darker and more...


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