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Pieces of Clay

It is not actually a democracy such as the Athenians practiced but I wish to make the following proposition to the city of dagblog:

That all participants be required to register before making comments on the site.
I wish that this wasn't needed. It is a pity that one agent should bring about the Tragedy of the Commons. But that agent has set up a tent in the middle of the square and is rifling through the trash cans at night

Well, the bowl is set before you, citizens. Throw in a piece of clay if you agree.

Boycott Trump

I encourage all people to make a concerted effort to boycott Trump. I see that there already is an "app for that" and lists being compiled by different groups.

In addition to not buying from Trump or any of his different investments, an effort is needed to identify which sources of income feed the Billionaire cabinet and do all we can to weaken the flow.

We live in a market society. Let us the pick up the tools laying at our feet.

I Know You Are but What Am I?

The election of Trump has been touted as a challenge to "identity politics". What is identity politics?

Dissonant Thoughts about Banks and Drones

Correct me if I am wrong but the largest under touched elephant in the room during this election cycle has been the global economy.

The GOP used to be all in your face about this kind of thing but the complete collapse and reboot of the banks after 2008 has them singing at a higher octave. A significant chunk of their previous coalition dissociated themselves from the idea that the party has their best interest in mind. The Libertarians have been overrun by the Nativists. More is involved than banks but imagine the world where the coalition just marched on forever or longer than it did.

Closing the Borders

President Hollande has closed the borders of France. The attack has been acknowledged as an act of war. What France does in the near future may not be a continuation of the politics of the Euro Zone that it has bound itself to in the past.

Don't Try This At Home

We had a house guest in town who had cooked a lot of good meals for us so it was time for me to represent and cook something good myself before she left. I saw there was a bag of these cute little orange peppers in the fridge from somebody's shopping trip so I chopped them up and threw them in with the garlic I was heating as base of the sauce for a chicken fricassee. It was a dish I had made many times from whatever was around.

Beyond Vietnam

On this Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I would like to focus on his opposition to the War in Vietnam and his reasons for putting as much energy into that struggle as he did on top of the pivotal role he played in the Civil Rights Movement. Many of his allies and his enemies criticized him for his outspoken opposition to the war for many different reasons. The clearest answer to all on the matter that I have found was given in 1967 at the Riverside Church when he was addressing a meeting sponsored by a group called: Clergy and Laymen Concerned About Vietnam. The speech is titled: Beyond Vietnam

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