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What is in a Name? Ashtart and the Alt-right

A brief history of Civilizations sharing traditions of the "Incommunicable Name":

"In the legends of Ugarit of the 14th century BCE, Ashtart is mentioned with the virgin Warrior-Goddess Anath as restraining the young God Ba'al, who wishes to overthrow the River God, Yam. When Yam is taken captive, Ba'al kills him, and Ashtart rebukes him for the murder, cursing Him with His own name.

What GOP senators said about Charlottesville

Given Trump's unwillingness to clearly condemn the white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, it is interesting to see which GOP senators felt inclined to distance themselves from their Nazi wing. Below I follow the statements collated by Ari Plachta of Haaretz. Updates and corrections are most welcome in the comments.

Called the attack "domestic terrorism":

Irony is dead. A short footnote to Alanis

Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think, that a reality TV host got elected leader of the free world? That the corporate media mocked his rants about a rigged system and yet he won anyway? It’s like Zuckerberg making billions publishing fake right wing news but lowly media minnow Breitbart is the villain. It’s like a buffoonish misogynist defeating a highly qualified woman. It’s like that woman spending eight (twelve? thirty?) years locking up the Establishment’s support and then it turns out the electorate doesn’t trust the establishment. It’s a hundred crass celebrity ads when all you needed was a rust-belt listening tour. Isn’t it just so Ironic, don’t you think?

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