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    Indonesian Travel Journal: Best Suggestion Ever

    On my way to Jakarta, I had a nine hour layover in Seoul, Korea. As I was planning my trip, I considered spending that time sight-seeing or finding a restaurant with some excellent bi bim bop. But then I realized I would be tired and grimy, so then I decided to try to find out if there was any place at the Seoul airport where I could take a shower. I was explaining this idea to a friend who frequently travels to India and she made a suggestion that changed my entire trip. She said, “Why don’t you look for a day-rate hotel?” Whichever hotel maven thought up this idea was a genius.

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    Internet’s Top-3 Commenters in Nation announced by Prestigious Blog

    When I started my blog, it was because of my burning desire to affect change on a world troubled on a wide variety of fronts. Or it was because I had too much time on my hands and needed amusement. One of those.

    But something strange happened – no one came. For about a few year, I`d celebrate on days where I had 15 hits, even if 14 of them were me, logging on to different computers around the city so I could click my own Google Ads.

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    Indonesian Travel Journal: How to Pack

    Step 1: Wake up early, determined to finish packing up at least one room.

    Step 2: Check email.

    Step 3: Check Dagblog.

    Step 4: Check Facebook.

    Step 5: Read news.

    Step 6: Shower.

    Step 7: Head next door to see what the family is up to. (Wii!)

    Step 8: Play Lego Star Wars on the Wii

    Step 9: Play Just Dance on the Wii (FREAKING AWESOME!)

    Step 10: Have lunch with a friend you won't see for a couple years at least.

    Step 11: Get home from lunch determined to finish the room by dinner.

    Step 12: Order some shoes online.

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    2009 MOFT of the Year: Mrs. Deadman (of course!)

    It's been a long time since I've done one of these, but it's that time of year when I must bestow the coveted My One Favorite Thing award of 2009. Last year, you may recall, Cottonelle Wet Wipes Toilet Paper won the 2008 MOFT, just edging out Barack Obama.

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    Tiger Chasing Tail Just Par for the Course

    I'm shocked by this whole Tiger Woods scandal. Not by Tiger's behavior, of course, but by the silence that seems to be accompanying it, at least in my circle of friends on Facebook.

    I really expected to be bombarded today with status updates addressing the emerging Tiger Woods scandal. I expected them to be mainly from women expressing some degree of disappointment or outrage. Instead, I only saw one status update that fit the bill.

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    Ennui's a bitch ... and then you blog

    With a couple of exceptions, I've been gone from dagblog for several months. I've rarely posted. I've barely commented. Heck, I've even stopped visiting the site on a regular basis.

    I have a number of legitimate excuses - and some not-so legitimate excuses - for my time away. I did a lot of wedding planning. I picked up online poker again. I broke a wrist. I got married and had a minimoon. I fell behind work at my paying day job. Fantasy football started.

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    Multiple Senators hospitalized after obstructing bathroom visits

    WASHINGTON - Nearly 50 Senators suffered embarrassing internal injuries this afternoon, after Republican Senators - joined by moderate Democratic Senators - obstructed the Senate’s new bathroom rules.

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    Sexy Brazilian lets her hair down, cheats on a cruise ship

    [Author’s Note: This was originally posted on this site on Jan. 8, 2008. But with my wife, Emilia, out of town and me deep in the throes of missing her (Don’t let her know that, tho) I thought it would be a good time for a re-post]

    I try not to mention my wife, Emilia, in my work because, well, I don’t know why. She sure as hell talks about me at her work. She has several bits down pat about the adventures of the silly American in a strange land.

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    Sarah Palin takes time away from promoting Japanese shoe company to release a book

    While most of Conservative U.S. has blown three or four fuses because U.S. President Barack Obama bowed in Japan (every time a President bows, a nuclear bomb dies), they seemed to miss an even greater bow to the Japanese by Political Super-Gadfly Sarah Palin.

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    Writer's Block Sucks

    You know what else sucks?

    Republicans. Because they hold a minority opinion and lost an election (several elections, actually) but are holding policy hostage anyway.

    Democrats. Because they are so scared to lose their majority that they’d rather hide under their desks than to do what they were elected to do (hint: LEAD).

    Blue Dog Democrats: Because they’d rather make plays to increase their power base than do what they were elected to do (hint: LEAD).

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    Congratulations, Deadman!

    Hello dagsters. I'm happy to announce the marriage of one of our legendary founders, the man who puts the D in dagblog, the blogger with a thousand questions and inordinately large sunglasses: Deadman. He was married to the lovely Mrs. Deadman on Halloween night in Saratoga Springs, New York. There have been reports of widespread despair among eligible women across the nation.

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    Congrats to Dan Mirvish, Eitan Gorlin on release of Martin Eisenstadt book

    When I began looking into one “M. Thomas Eisenstadt” last May, part of me was irritated about how the hoax was screwing with public discourse. But as time went on, that feeling changed. And that’s because Eisenstadt changed, and not just the first name.

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    Catholic Stayed I

    William K. Wolfrum released this statement to his supporters at 3 p.m.

    "Having seen the love and admiration pouring from Conservative circles following Newt Gingrich's conversion to Catholicism, I feel it is time for me to come forward with an admission - I am a Catholic. And I always have been.

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    Questions: The Wedding Edition

    Oh man. I used to love weddings. I really did. I thought they were fun affairs where you got to see family and friends, drink and dance, and just have a good ole time. Plus, when I was single, I almost always got lucky at weddings - something in the air lends itself to sex and romance I guess.

    So i always thought I wanted a big wedding because then it's all the good things about weddings but you're the center of attention and getting all the gifts!! What's not to love?

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    MOFT: Episode 18 (Monk)

    I have to apologize for my prolonged posting absence, but things have been getting hectic. And with several trips upcoming, including two jaunts to Vegas (one my bachelor party!!), a pre-wedding party in my hometown St. Louis, a wedding (with still a millions things that need to be done), a minimoon, and various other things happening all in the next couple of months, I have a feeling it's going to get worse before it gets better.

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    Twist and Shout: Why the Politics of Rage Makes Me Want to Cry

    "...it is a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing"

    I was livid when I first saw video from the health care town hall meeting that took place last week in my hometown St. Louis.  I had already seen enough similar footage from other cities, but the fact that these were in some ways 'my folk' infuriated me.

    Ignorant rednecks, I thought, the whole lot of them.

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    RIP: John Hughes

    I just want to take this moment to thank John Hughes for some of the most indelible movie moments of my childhood. The director died of a heart attack while taking a walk in NYC, where he was visiting family. He was 59.

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    Questions: The Regrets Edition (Part I)

    In a post long ago, I talked about regrets and how I view them as a natural part of the examined life, something to be embraced, not feared. A person who claims he has no regrets is either a magnificent liar or an unreflective fool.

    You can learn a lot from your regrets, and the only goal should be to minimize their occurrence as you grow older.

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    MOFT: Episode 17 (Crocs)

    As devoted deadman blog readers with photographic memories know (a surprisingly slim sample size), I've never been a fan of being barefoot.


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