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Obama's Director OMB Lands Citibank Job, Peter Orszag, To Take High Paying Banking Position

President Obama nominated Peter Orszag to be his Director of Management and Budget in November, 2008, where he served a year and a half and resigned the position in July 2010.  His new position at Citibank may pay $2-3 million according to bankers familiar with similar positions. Orszag joins a former Bush cabinet appointee at Citibank.

Fox News Pundit Goldberg Proposes DC Granite and Stone Monument to Honor the Rich

No this is not from The Onion. Its from Fox News.

You can read the December 9th paean to the rich in print on Bernard Goldberg's website at this link, "Thank God for The Rich", or watch it on video it at link.

Is Goldberg's contract coming up with Rupert Murdoch or does he emit worshipful blather about how heroic and wonderful rich people like Rupert Murdoch are all the time?

Hate in The Heartland-Not about Wikileaks

Anyone who watched the spectacle of hate at the NBA game last night in Cleveland might decide the town could win the prize for the most bitter, angry and low life fans anywhere in the nation, including Philly.  Raucous, rude, angry fans and mobs of police were present as hometown boy LeBron James returned for the first time with his new team, the Miami Heat.  James grew up in Ohio, skipped college, and went directly to the NBA to play for the Cavaliers for seven years before moving to

Bernanke & Fed Aim To Speed Foreclosures, Make them Faster, Easier For Banks

McClatchy is reporting that the Fed has proposed changing a key rule having to do with the the TILA (Truth in Lending Act of 1968). This rule currently allows a homeowner who can prove that they were not given proper disclosure on their loan up to 3 years to cancel the loan. Current law says in such a case, the lien on the home must be removed so the homeowner can use the home to get a new mortgage to pay off the first.

GOP, Democrats to Spar Over Taxes on 0.11% of the Estates of the Wealthiest Americans

Millionaire and billionaire Dagbloggers take note: if you die before Dec. 31st, 2010, as Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyoming) claims some of her constituents may do to avoid taxes, you can RIP knowing Uncle Sam did not get one cent of your hard earned fortunes, your designated heirs got it all.

Iran Achieving its Goals in Iraq? Recent News/Wiki Documents Support that View

The recent takeover reported this month, of a formerly US run Iraqi prison, by Moqtada al Sadr supporters, who have just been brought into the Maliki government, combined with the reading of a dispatch from Ambassador Hill from December, 2009, leads one to surmise that Iran is moving to consolidate its influence in Iraq, including the widespread use of death squads:

Republicans - Let A New Nuclear Arms Race Begin!

President Obama’s hopes of ratifying a new arms control treaty (Start II) with Russia this year appeared to unravel on Tuesday as a Senate Republican leader (Senator Kyl-Republican-Arizona) moved to block a vote in what could be a devastating blow to the president’s most tangible foreign policy achievement..

US $3 Billion in Military Aid May Buy 90 Day Partial Israeli Settlement Suspension

McClatchy reports that to keep 'peace negotiations' alive the Obama administration has offered US $3 billion in military aid for Israel, including 20  F-35 Joint Strike fighter aircraft, capable of a 15,000 pound payload, and stealth equipped for missions like bombing Iran. F-35 specs.

Would the GOP Defend Obamacare all the Way to the Supreme Court?

As lawsuits on Obama's health care law brought by the GOP are allowed to progress, and with the recognition the reforms only go into full force in 2014, one wonders, that if Obamacare was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge, and blocked, would a Republican President 'go to the mat' to defend Obamacare? 



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