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Wine & the Arts: Raquel Arantes & Simone Bischoff – Genius I know

Quite often, I sit around the house reflecting on my own genius. These are times of focused contemplation. They are also times that usually take, say, 42 seconds or so, ending in self recrimination and a modicum of depression.

Because all I need to do is look toward my family to see true genius. Take for instance my Mother-in-Law Raquel Arantes and my cousin Simone Bischoff.

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Barack Obama wishes all Americans a “New Year”

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama today officially wished all Americans a “New Year,” breaking with the tradition of U.S. Presidents wishing U.S. citizens a “Happy New Year.”

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U.S. Officials: "Happy New Year" greetings likely originated in Yemen

ITALY - Blogger William K. Wolfrum today sent Happy New Years greetings to all his friends, family and readers. Upon hearing this news, U.S. officials quickly surmised that the greeting likely originated in Yemen.

William K. Wolfrum's picture CEO Patrick Byrne unveils new tool for curious investors

Tired of not being able to know the secrets of those you obsess over? Want a closer look at those that have something you think can help divert attention from the awful truth?

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Media is terrified of Patrick Byrne &’s anti-privacy activities

Sometimes, as a journalist, blogger, or what have you, you come across a story you think has real meat on the bone. Such was my thinking when I saw that Patrick Byrne, CEO of, had been mining Facebook to create some type of “enemies list.” The list included business writers, bloggers, as well as the children and families of said writers and bloggers.

William K. Wolfrum's picture 'Spy' Larry Bergman & Hoax Martin Eisenstadt accused of illicit ‘Tater-Totting’ affair

ITALY – In a land known for sordid romances, the latest romantic drama has people around the globe transfixed, as two great mythical characters have been linked together by noted blogger William K. Wolfrum.

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Patrick Byrne and go Nixonian with "Enemies List"

When the business you run can't make a profit, you fire auditors at a whim and the SEC just won't get off your ass, you might make some enemies. Such is the case of (OSTK) CEO Patrick Byrne. Byrne, however, is proactive about these types of things.

So he made himself an enemies list. From Barry Ritholtz:

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Boy, 8, pays bully to protect him - shocked when Bully turns on him

TUPELO, Miss. - Little Timmy Johnson, 8, had been having trouble with bullies at his new school in Tupelo, Miss. Having moved with his family to Mississippi several months earlier, Johnson was treated disrespectfully by long-time students of Rumsfeld Grammar School.

“Every day he’d show up with a black eye or with his lunch money stolen,” said Sally Johnson, Timmy’s mother. “We tried to get him to defend himself, but he was just overwhelmed by opposing forces that hated him for differing reasons.”

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Santa Claus cancels Christmas due to poor investments - Elves still to receive massive bonuses

NORTH POLE - In an announcement many had feared, Santa Claus announced that he would be sitting out Christmas 2009 due to massive inventory problems. The cancellation will include all children, regardless of naughtiness or niceness.

“We have profit margins to deal with here, and this year has been just awful for us,” said Claus, who in 2006 moved his major toy making factories from the North Pole to the Mariana Islands. “We’ve always been bold at Santa Claus Industries (SCI), and this year it just didn’t work out.”

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Sarah Palin hires Witch Doctor to remove Demons from Tiger Woods so we can all talk about Sarah Palin some more

LA LA LAND - Former Alaska Governor and current multi-millionaire Sarah Palin, noting that she has received less attention in the past few days due to the scandals surrounding Tiger Woods, has announced that she will be hiring Kenyan Pastor Thomas Muthee - her personal witch doctor - to remove the demonic spirits from Woods.


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