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Pardon these Turkeys

Pardon me and these turkey headlines …

… Barack Obama to refuse Pardoning Thanksgiving Turkey, will instead send it to NYC for trial.


… Barack Obama to wait to pardon Thanksgiving turkey until it reveals its real birth certificate.


… Barack Obama to pardon Thanksgiving Turkey, but only after mandating it to buy insurance from CIGNA first.


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Multiple Senators hospitalized after obstructing bathroom visits

WASHINGTON - Nearly 50 Senators suffered embarrassing internal injuries this afternoon, after Republican Senators - joined by moderate Democratic Senators - obstructed the Senate’s new bathroom rules.

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Report: Americans tired of ‘Change We Can Believe In,’ demand new catch phrase

KANSAS - A stunning new poll from the Taibbi Research Center shows that the vast majority of Americans are now tired of President Barack Obama’s mottos of “Change We Can Believe In,” and other Change-based catch phrases. Nearly 80 percent of those surveyed said that the “Change” motto had grown tired and they needed something new.

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CharlesKrauthammerBeingCondescendingTowardMeaphobia strikes David Gregory?

Rumors have been circulating that “Meet the Press” host David Gregory suffers from the rare and stupid condition: CharlesKrauthammerBeingCondescendingTowardMeaphobia.


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Blogger: "Sarah Palin will always be funny. Always!"

INTERNET - In a rare follow-up to one of his own blog posts, noted Blogger William K. Wolfrum attacked those that have criticized him for leaning too heavily on Sarah Palin for humor.

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Water on Moon: Sarah Palin claims expertise 'I can see Moon from my house'

When NASA recently send a missile into the Moon’s soil, the event was mostly used for an endless stream of jokes and “Mr. Show” references. Something big came of it, however. They found water. But no one seemed to care.

“[W]e’ve been to the moon already, and it’s just not that interesting,” wrote noted philosopher Genghis.

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Health care reform passes big hurdle - Zombies take to the streets

WASHINGTON - By the skin of their teeth, Senate Democrats voted to begin formal debate on the Health Care Reform bill that would guarantee medical coverage for nearly all Americans. All Senate Republicans voted to shelve the bill.

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Sarah Palin and Godwink's Law

Godwink’s Law

“As a political discussion involving God gets more media coverage, the probability of Sarah Palin making herself part of the story approaches 1.”

Example: Sarah Palin made a statement defending Miss California: “The liberal onslaught of malicious attacks against Carrie Prejean for expressing her opinion is despicable. Carrie and I spoke soon after the attacks started; I can relate as a liberal target myself. ”

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Sexy Brazilian lets her hair down, cheats on a cruise ship

[Author’s Note: This was originally posted on this site on Jan. 8, 2008. But with my wife, Emilia, out of town and me deep in the throes of missing her (Don’t let her know that, tho) I thought it would be a good time for a re-post]

I try not to mention my wife, Emilia, in my work because, well, I don’t know why. She sure as hell talks about me at her work. She has several bits down pat about the adventures of the silly American in a strange land.

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Will Lou Dobbs run for political office and fulfill dreams of “Journotainers” everywhere?

When CNN forked over whatever amount they had to in order to get Lou Dobbs off the air, one could imagine that Dobbs was sufficiently chastened for his Birther/Mexican-hate ideologies. That would be far from the truth, however, as Dobbs is already making it clear that he should be the one making policy, not discussing it.


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