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Jesus Christ joins Marines to get his message out - one bullet at a time

AFGHANISTAN – Jesus Christ looked through his rifle scope. More than 200 yards away was known Muslim Ali-Aba Khan. With preternatural calm, Christ stared intently, lining up his shot. When he pulled the trigger, the back of Khan’s head exploded. Christ picked up his rifle and walked away.

“The power of Christ compelled him,” said a chuckling Christ.

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Mass. Senate Update: Black Panthers! ACORN! Voter fraud!!

MASSACHUSETTS – In a pre-emptive strike, Fox News, the GOP and the campaign of Scott Brown have come forward to file federal electoral complaints against the Black Panthers and the group ACORN.

“The fact that I haven’t already been declared the winner shows that there is massive voter fraud going on,” said Brown, several hours before the polls closed. “I blame ACORN.”

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It's all about the beard

These are sad times. The world is a confused, chaotic mess. War is now considered diplomacy. Freedom is but a catch phrase with no literal meaning. Life is getting more perilous and frightening for more and more people.

And my beard’s a mess. And that really saddens me.

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Everyone in the U.S. loses their keys

AMERICA – The U.S. came to a grinding halt today, as everyone in America lost their keys.

“I could have sworn I put them on the counter,” said Tom Jenkins of Riverside, Calif. “Honest to God, I just can’t remember where I put them. No idea whatsoever.”

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Disgruntled Mass. Democrats to vote for Satan rather than Coakley, Brown

MASSACHUSETTS – Disgruntled Democrats – unhappy with candidate Martha Coakley – could throw President Barack Obama’s agenda for a loop as a large group of liberal voters have come forward to say that they will write-in Satan as their vote in tomorrow’s

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Tim Tebow’s mom didn’t get an abortion so no woman should have choice – a Super Bowl Special

While the team’s are still undecided, this Super Bowl XLIV promises to be a truly spectacular event where all Americans can come together and be thankful – for the fact that Tim Tebow’s mom didn’t abort him.

From the Denver Post:

Focus on the Family will air a 30-second “life- and family-affirming” television spot, featuring University of Florida star quarterback Tim Tebow and his mother, Pam, during the coverage.

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NBC names Newt Gingrich new host of the ‘Tonight Show’

BURBANK – Following a week that saw its late-night line-up explode in controversy, NBC has now announced that ex-Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich will be the new host of the “Tonight Show,” and that the show will be moved to Sunday at 8 a.m.

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Review: The Patrick Byrne & Show

For those of you that enjoy a good serial, I whole-heartedly advise you to spend a little time paying attention to CEO Patrick Byrne. Because, day-in, day-out, Byrne delivers the goods.


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