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    Pug Puppy Porn

    When you have access to a pug puppy, you take advantage of said access. So I present, with no further delay:

    Alfredo the Pug Puppy

    My Adopted Progressive

    We are entreated to adopt a progressive. 

    I'm giving to the DCCC.  That doesn't mean it's going to progressive candidates in all cases, obviously.  But they have as good a sense as anyone which races are winnable with a little extra money and which aren't.  Priority #1 is to keep the House Democratic.  If that doesn't happen, progressives in the House will have close to zero influence.

    The individual progressive I'm adopting is Jeff Barnett, candidate for Congress in the Virginia 10th (northern Virginia/DC burbs), where we live.

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    The Third Party Challenge

    We got into a discussion of third parties a bit over the weekend.  Over the last week, there were a couple of items in the larger media that touched on this, but as is usually the case, not in the way that we would like.

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    No Gotcha Allowed

    The Daily Dish mentioned a "news snippet" about the Montana governor's race, which led back through The Lost Ogle not to a news snippet, but to FallinFail, a site presumably opposing Republican candidate Mary Fallin.

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    Could You Repeat That in English? We're Global.

    University administrators in the United States currently have two diametrically opposed habits.

    First, they love to proclaim that their university is becoming more "global." You hear this all the time.

    Second, they tend to cut foreign languages from the curriculum.

    So, for example:

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    Why Public Education Sucks Even More Now

    I remember the first day of Kindergarten. Playing with blocks and interacting, sometimes not so well, with the other kids. First grade, not so much but 3rd though 6th fairly well.  One of my sixth grade teachers would even take us out side in the afternoon some times to play touch football. All that is gone.

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    Political Cartoon: Discussion With Insanity

    Debate With Insanity Political Cartoon by Kaveh Adel Copyright 2010

    Just an observation after watching countless interviews with Mr. Ahmadinejad, the so-called leader of Iran, in his recent visit to the U.N. in New York City. 

    Crossposted at www.Kavehadel.com/blog

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    Waiting for Zuckerberg

    In 1994 my former wife and I were snowed in for three days at her teacher's convention in Hershey PA. Afterwards, someone had a t-shirt printed, "I Survived The Paradigm Drift." That was an in-joke because some greybeard had given a talk about his book advocating a paradigm shift in American teaching. Jaime Escalante had also spoken about his achievements in teaching higher math to lower class kids.

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    Being There

    As well described by cmaukonen the other day,there are things that cannot always be fully understood unless you lived through it. The unspeakably brilliant Jill Lepore explained to Rachel Maddow last night why that is not always so, and, frankly, why Barth the amateur historian is truly an amateur,but to have missed the Vietnam War period means that much of what passes for political thought these days must be confusing.

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    A week from tomorrow, it will be 10/10/10.

    The tenth day of the tenth month of the tenth year of the new millenium.


    I am sure God is attempting to tell me something.


    A little over four years ago I decided to prepare for the end of things.

    Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi and His Teabagging Epiphany

    A must read at link, Matt goes to a rally in which Sarah Palin harangues masses of scooter mounted white supporters in Kentucky.

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    Great Moments in Cable News: Rick Sanchez Edition

    PROTIP: If you're going to take someone to task for their supposed bigotry, it's probably best that your whole argument not devolve into a weird tirade about how Jews run everything... including the company that employs you.

    Anyway, peace out to Rick Sanchez, whose Twitterfied brand of infotainment was the final nail in the coffin containing my erstwhile relationship with cable news two years ago.  Cancelled my cable and haven't looked back.

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    Maid in California

    Meg Whitman has a maid problem.  It's too early to know all the facts, but what Whitman knew and when she knew it isn't what really matters here.  Even if she didn't know, she would still be guilty of one of the great Republican pastimes - the simultaneous persecution and exploitation of immigrants.

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    No, TARP Was Not A Success

    We're now getting a flurry of stories from the Treasury telling us that TARP, unpopular though it may be, was not only effective but cheaper than the worst case scenarios that the government envisioned when the program began.

    The New York Times says the program is only going to wind up costing $50 billion, rather than the $700 billion committed or the nearly $400 billion spent.  If our exits from AIG, GM and Ally Financial go well, we could even make money!

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    William K. Wolfrum's Morning: Toke of the Town

    God. Just chill.


    Marijuana in Calif.: Arnold Schwarzeneggger decriminalizes an ounce or less.

    Bin Laden Speaks:

    Al Qaeda leader may be desperate as he makes latest video wearing a meat suit.

    Afghanistan: Death.


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