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    Ok, GOP, Let’s Talk About Compromise

    I made the mistake of turning on the TV this morning.  Ms. Generic Correspondent was interviewing triumphant supporters from John Boehner’s district in Ohio about what their win means for America.  What I heard floored me.  This was live and I was too stunned to think to record it, so I’m paraphrasing:

    OHIO RESIDENT:  “For the last 2 years, it’s been Obama’s way or the highway.  Finally we’ll get some compromise in this country.”

    REPORTER: “You really think this election will result in more compromise?”

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    Wins and Losses

    There will be more from this corner this weekend, but it would be worth hearing from those who share my general views about these things:

    1. A “movement” built on the votes of young people will never succeed, since young people tend to vote for personalities before governmental operations and outlook and will not stick to it.

    2. The President was right to get what he could when he could get it. There would be no chance for health care reform if it was not done in 2009/2010.

    Thoughts on How to Go on Offense

    The modern-day GOP (since around 1980) has never had any reservations about interpreting Democratic victories in whatever the hell way they want to.  They have never ceded sole rights to defining any electoral mandate to the Democrats when the Democrats have won elections.  Nor have they felt any obligation whatsoever to concede a single thing to either a newly elected Democratic President or a recently elected Democratic Congressional majority. 

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    Small Government = Rotting Infrastructure?

    Our bridges are collapsing, but the Infrastructurist notes that other countries are investing in their infrastructure, even in the face of austerity:

    Britain Cuts Spending While Investing in Infrastructure

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    After the The Smoke Lifts, What Should Dems Do? Don't Be Shy, Tell Me

    I suppose there are a variety of reasons that Dems were massacred in the middle of the country, flyover country as  the pundits call it, but what happened and what do Democrats need to do to develop some sort of coherent message to present to Americans at the end of 2011, hell maybe they should start now! At this point it seems obvious democrats don't have a coherent message and they haven't for a while, and this seems to be their biggest problem.  I have to say, I am not sorry Blanche Lincoln lost, but I am not thrilled with Republicans having more power either.

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    Free Political Advice

    Here’s some free political advice for Democrats:

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    Worth Remembering

    From Ezra Klein at the Washington Post:

    The end of the 'do-something' Congress

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    24 hours w/o internet or cable the day before election: Hell on earth, or close to it.

    We've been on the road the last few days and now I'm sitting in a hospital cafeteria waiting for my husband to finish what I hope are routine tests.  Last night we stayed in a hotel that apparently didn't pay their cable bill because all I could get were local channels.  No political hashing and rehashing and regurgitating and explosive vomiting for over a day!

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    Election Day

    Today's Election Day. No day makes me prouder to be American.

    Go out and vote!

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    File:Gadsden flag.svg

    Harold Evans at the Beast discusses the stimulus package; explaining what it has accomplished.

    In Evans’ mind, the stimulus worked and is working. There just were not enough stimuli.

    Now this is the standard Krugman liberal approach when examining the current state of the economy.

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    Comedy versus Rage: The Difference Between Left and Right

    The New York Times Bestselling Hardcover Nonfiction for October 22, 2010:

    1. Earth (the Book) by Jon Stewart
    2. Trickle Up Poverty: Stopping Obama's Attack on Our Borders, Economy, and Security by Michael Savage

    Jon Stewart is a left-leaning political satirist from Comedy Central. Michael Savage is a right-wing radio host who has trouble distinguishing comedy from communism. Analyzing one Stewart routine, Savage told radio listeners, "Not only is this idiotic and illogical, it is not funny. It is the product of inbreeding." For the record, while inbreeding can cause many congenital defects, it is not known to affect the sense of humor. The comment by Savage was actually one of his more temperate remarks. For instance, he was famously fired from MSNBC after sweetly telling a caller, "Oh, so you're one of those sodomites. You should only get AIDS and die, you pig."

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    Tea Party, the "dream vacuum" and the souring of America

    From 1836 to 1914, over 30 million Europeans migrated to the United States. - Wikipedia
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    Republicans Against the Right to Vote

    The first time I went to the polls on Election Day I was probably five, tagging along beside my mother. It was a brilliant November day in New Hampshire, and the polls were in a spare room of the town hall, the same room where I would go in later years for Cub Scout meetings and later still walk through on the way to help stock our town's tiny food assistance pantry. There was a larger room upstairs, where the annual Town Meeting was held and where I would someday go for Halloween parties and the soap box derby.

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    Friedman Forever!

    The last couple of weeks have been quite interesting in the world of Friedman.  On October 24th he wrote an insulting column where he exhorted Americans that “We’re in the age of “extra,” and everyone has to figure out what extra they can add to their work to justify being paid more than a computer, a Chinese worker or a day laborer.”

    Who's been paying for Sharron Angle's campaign?

    OK, file this one under a creepy coincidence (the vid itself, being creepy, the coincidence just being coincidental). I've been obsessing on the Nevada race somewhat of late, and got off on a tangent regarding who's been financing the Angle campaign in a discussion with another poster. By the common method of assessing "who benefits here?" he came to the conclusion, Ensign. Which at the time, didn't seem a *bad* thought.


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