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    Chilean Miner Rescue Inspires Copycat Operations

    As Chileans celebrated the sensational rescue of 33 trapped miners, other nations have looked on with envy at Chile's display of patriotic unity and national goodwill.

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    High Speed Rail is taking forever

    The Infrastructurist has a good summation of the For and Against of high-speed rail. They also have a slough of links throughout the article that I haven't reproduced here.

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    Two Possible Paths to the Public Option

    The have mores bring lawsuits while those in need get screwed?

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    Realism About the Housing Mess

    Most public debates over the mortgage and housing mess have been running aground on the false-dilemma problem, framing the a problem with several possible solutions as a choice between only two options. At least one of the options in false dilemmas is always completely moonbat crazy, and frequently they both are. The false dilemma I've been hearing these days goes like this:

    "We either have to give mortgage lenders a free hand, and forget about the legal details, or just let borrowers keep their houses for free without paying anything!"

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    I, For One, Welcome Our Corporate Overlords!

    You know what would really simplify and improve the American political system presently?  I'll tell you: We should all just give our money directly to corporations!  At least, that's what Glenn Beck is apparently advising his audience to do in the form of making political donations directly to the Chamber of Commerce.  Media Matters sums it up:

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    The Asymmetrical Revolution

    Sexual intercourse began
    In nineteen sixty-three
    (which was rather late for me) -
    Between the end of the Chatterley ban
    And the Beatles' first LP.
    Annus Mirabilis - Philip Larkin


    How To Be A Tempting Temp

    Well, almost a year after being on Unemployment, and three months of working as a temp, it looks as though I'm finally getting hired. Amen.

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    It's Been Awhile Since I've Cared Enough To Rant

    but the time has come. I have so much pent up anger and hostility I have to rant, or I'll explode.

    I have spent the last two years+ supporting and defending the President. And in spite of how angry I am at him this moment, I will still support him until I see a better choice. Defend? Maybe not so much. Because this time, unless I convince myself otherwise during the course of sorting this out at your expense, what he is doing is indefensible.

    Would the GOP Defend Obamacare all the Way to the Supreme Court?

    As lawsuits on Obama's health care law brought by the GOP are allowed to progress, and with the recognition the reforms only go into full force in 2014, one wonders, that if Obamacare was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge, and blocked, would a Republican President 'go to the mat' to defend Obamacare? 

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    Romanians begin adopting American children

    Nadia and Thad Comaneci looked at their child with the love the love of new parents. eyes of newborn parents. That he was 14 seemed to have no affect on them whatsoever. Timmy Johnson was their new son.

    “Look at him. He always wants the hamburgers and the video games. He is so beautiful,” said Nadia Comaneci, of her newly adopted American son. “Always with the fuckaoofs.”

    “Oh, Fuck off,” said Johnson.

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    The Know Your Lender Act Of 2011

    There is no "Know Your Lender Act Of 2011" but the great and ongoing discussion at Dr.

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    Bailout II: The Sequel

    So, the story about bad mortgages, by which I mean not simply ill-conceived loans on houses that have hemorrhaged value but loan transfers with forged or non-existent paperwork, is beginning to make it into the daily news. We're going to hear much more about it, I'm afraid.

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    How Sharron Angle Raised $14 Million

    How did Nevada Senate candidate and Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle raise an impressive $14 million dollars in three months?

    Elementary, my dear Watson.

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    William K. Wolfrum's Morning: Boobie Wednesday

    Always a woman to me.

    Wolfrum’s Word

    Part of having a recurring blog called “William K. Wolfrum’s Morning” means that some mornings William K. Wolfrum will be busier than normal. This is one of those mornings, as I’ll be taking in my 7-year-old Australian Shepherd, Duchess will be undergoing a mastectomy today as a preventative measure against breast cancer.

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    Breaking: Chilean Miners On Their Way to the Surface, One by One

    Updated: I awoke this morning to the fantastic news that all of the miners are on the surface, as of approximate 1 am, GMT. Two rescue workers are also up. Three men still underground.


    As of 6:30 a.m. GMT, the first three miners are out. The BBC has a fantastic live feed and live blog, which you can see here:




    Does Obama Have the Guts to let DADT Die?

    A federal district court judge has driven a stake through the heart of the 17 year old 'don't ask, don't tell' policy on gays in the military, placing an injunction on its enforcement throughout the military and declaring it unconstitutional. The judiciary is a co-equal branch of government, and the judge was doing what the judiciary is supposed to do, ruling to defend the rights of Americans under the Constitution.


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