Hate in The Heartland-Not about Wikileaks

    Anyone who watched the spectacle of hate at the NBA game last night in Cleveland might decide the town could win the prize for the most bitter, angry and low life fans anywhere in the nation, including Philly.  Raucous, rude, angry fans and mobs of police were present as hometown boy LeBron James returned for the first time with his new team, the Miami Heat.  James grew up in Ohio, skipped college, and went directly to the NBA to play for the Cavaliers for seven years before moving to

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    Political Cartoon: Gulf of Wikileaks

    "Gulf of Wikileaks" a Cartoon by Kaveh Adel

    It has been a while since I have posted anything relating to the subjects on Dagblog but here I go.

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    Artwork 2010©KavehAdel.com

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    The Whatever-Partisan Commission On Economic Progress

    The President's fiscal commission has failed to generate a plan that won the support of 14 of 18 of its members, as directed.  Three Republican Senators on the commission voted for it, so the ideas in the commissions report might still egt an airing in the Senate but it won't be some up or down vote without amendments.  Which is fine.  I never understood why this issue should be treated differently than any other, screwy as I think senate rules are.

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    No, I am not talking about transporting a church organ from Strasbourg to Milan you idiots.

    I am referring to transplants along this order:

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    Let Me Entertain You

    I don't play now, but I have played a lot of tennis over the years, sometimes in leagues or clubs with people I didn't know well. I enjoyed playing with some of those guys so much that we arranged to play again, and became "tennis buddies." With others, I couldn't wait for the match to end.

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    Fed up with the Ds and Rs ????

    There is another option and Ted Rall's latest book, The Anti-American Manifesto explains it quite seriously and succinctly. Overthrow the present government and establish something else. Something that is fair and just and workable. This is not some 1960s hippy Abbie Hoffman type book. It contains no plans for Molotov Cocktails or pipe bombs or how to rip off bits of the system.  It is an in depth examination of the  reasons for taking down the current oligarchy and replacing it with a real government.

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    Assange Debate, My Friends

    Julian Assange is now The Most Interesting Man in the World.

    Don't ask why he does what he does. Don't examine his motives.

    Whether you like it or not, you're either for him or against him.

    So just drink the damn beer.



    Bernanke & Fed Aim To Speed Foreclosures, Make them Faster, Easier For Banks

    McClatchy is reporting that the Fed has proposed changing a key rule having to do with the the TILA (Truth in Lending Act of 1968). This rule currently allows a homeowner who can prove that they were not given proper disclosure on their loan up to 3 years to cancel the loan. Current law says in such a case, the lien on the home must be removed so the homeowner can use the home to get a new mortgage to pay off the first.

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    Transportation earmarks turn taxpayers into roadkill


    Independents are curious what will happen now that Republicans have won back some of their control over America’s coffers. Will elected leaders secure funding for public priorities without adding more debt or taxation? Will federal officials work with state and local governments to shore up budgets during this era of economic hardship?

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    Julian Assange must die! For starters

    Much has been said about Julian Assange and Wikileaks. The Australian-born hacker has put America in grave danger due to his publication of classified information that someone else stole.

    And he must die.

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    Wikileaks: More Crap + Updated Crap

    This evening, I was amused to see last night's Daily Show discussing Wikileaks as regards transparency vs privacy:

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    Understanding Obama via WikiLeaks

    The latest Wikileaks document dump, filled mostly with low-grade diplomatic communications, does lay bare one thing that should have been painfully obvious all along: President Obama's Iran strategy.

    Here's part of the New York Times write-up:

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    Comfort Post

    I chat films with Jimmy, at my office. He's always mentioning some flick I just have to see, so before Thanksgiving I asked him for a list of films I should rent. He sent this:

    O Lucky Man!
    Nil by Mouth
    The Sporting Life
    Elevator to the Gallows
    Europa, Europa

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    Welcome to the Creative Corner

    Welcome dagsters. This is a new section for featuring all the creative talent that we have at dagblog. Please contribute poetry, fiction, art, photography by clicking the Create now! button at the bottom of the new CREATIVE CORNER block in the left sidebar.

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    Let My Tax Cuts Go

    I agree with Atrios here and maybe take it a step further.  The Republicans specifically designed tax cuts that expire in 2011.  So Obama should let them go.

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    Paul Harvey

                                  FIRST RADIO IDIOT

    Michelle Goldberg at Daily Beast decided she would take the time to read Sarah Palin’s book.

    Evidently Ms. Goldberg found a section in this mighty literary tome dedicated to feminism:


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