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    Tea Party: Nixon's chickens come home to roost

    David Seaton in Dagblog
    The political climate in America is toxic and it has been ever since Richard Nixon launched his Southern Strategy and caused Republicans to pause from their golf and stock coupon clipping long enough to plunge into neofascist populism and charismatic religion.
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    If the ten days which have just ended had a message for this Jew, it was in the Hebrew word Hineni: "here I am." This space will not dwell on the spiritual meaning of the word or its significance in a religious sense. This is not the place for such essays.

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    Allowing the Bush Tax Cuts on High Marginal Income to Expire will Stimulate the US Economy

    Last night on Inside Washington, Evan Thomas, the "moderate" on the panel said that while there's little doubt that allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire on everybody is going to hurt the economy, it's necessary because the government needs the money.  We certainly do need the money as the budget deficit is now into the double-digits.  But are Thomas and every right-wing pundit, blogger, and columnist who state with the absolute confidence of a used car salesman correct that tax cuts for the wealthy will hurt small businesses and the economy?

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    Dr. Mengele, Economist

    "For the recovery to be sustainable and as strong as possible, it has to be based on a different composition of spending in the world. Before the crisis, the U.S. consumer - the over-extended U.S. consumer - was the kind of source for demand for a large chunk of the rest of the world. Chinese exported to us.

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    Selling Food - Owning Seeds

    This morning I found an alarming article claiming that Senate Bill S510, the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010, will make it illegal to grow, share, trade or sell homegrown food.

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    Right-Wing Rag Redeems Itself

    I'm not normally a fan of Canada's National Post, but I give the conservative daily full props for the headline on today's front-page photo.

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    Mr. Stewart and Mr. Colbert Go to Washington: We Must Stop Them!

    I've just been informed that notorious funnyman Jon Stewart and his subversive sidekick Stephen Colbert are organizing a protest march in Washington DC on October 30th. The pretense of the protest is a parody of Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor demonstration last month, but we all know what this is really about. Stewart and Colbert planned this "protest" in order to proselytize a perverse and poisonous doctrine that they call comedy.

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    Help Us Make This Page Go Viral! 'Kick John Boehner Out Of Congress-Hold The House'


    Last night Lisb and I created a facebook page 'Kick John Boehner Out of Congress-Hold The House' and from only 3 likes this morning we have 70 people involved now and will reach 100 by the end of the night.  People have been thanking us for this opportunity and have been donating and getting fired up!:)


    Pentagon Central Command Wants to Open New GWOT Front in Yemen with $1.2 Billion Ante

    The New York Times reports that the Pentagon is seeking $1,200,000,000 ($1.2 billion dollars) over 6 years to fight about 500 'hardcore' al Qaeda in the deserts of Yemen. Most of the money would go to US arms manufacturers to buy the usual tools of killing people, helicopters, guns, communication gear, bombs etc., and US 'trainers'. It works out to about $2.4 million per bad guy but who's counting? Certainly not General Petraeus who approved the request.

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    The Electric Razor and the end of America

    The first electric razor was patented in 1928. About six months later, the Great Depression hit. This is not a coincidence.

    From the moment Col. Jacob Schick decided that electricity was necessary for men to shave their faces, the nation’s fate was sealed. Because once American manufacturers realized they could sell Americans products that simply have no function or value, the entire economy was doomed.

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    American fascism and musical chairs

    weeping Beck
    I've had a few comments on my last post from people who didn't really see any similarities between today's America and Germany
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    Import Your TPM Cafe Posts to dagblog

    Dear TPM Cafe refugees,

    TPM has generously created a feature to let you export your old Cafe posts along with all the comments. If you would like to migrate your posts to dagblog, please follow these steps:

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    Fascism is coming to the USA... Literally (no kidding)

    I thought twice before using the word "fascism" in the title of this post, because by now the word "fascism" and "fascist" have become degraded into simply all purpose terms of abuse without any concrete meaning, except disaproval: so perhaps it might be a good thing to go straight to how  fascism is defined by former Columbia University Professor Robert O.
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    What's the Matter with Delaware? What Christine O'Donnell's Victory Means for America's Future

    Almost one year ago, I wrote a post titled What's the Matter with New York? about the fierce battle between moderate Republican Dede Scozzafava and fringe conservative Doug Hoffman to represent New York's 23rd congressional district. Scozzafava dropped out of the race and endorsed the Democratic candidate, who prevailed in the election.

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    Eye-Opening Experiences

    Some are born eyes wide open. They are the few that have an innate understanding of life from the get go. They understand love, and responsibility and the importance of others. I was not one of those people.

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    Bodybuilding Buffalo Bilkers

    Ever wonder how "welfare queen" stories get started?  Over at Time's Swampland, I think we saw one get born.  Joe Klein, on the road searching for the soul of America or something, decided to uncritically and unskeptically relay a tale told to him by Mark Kirkwood, a resident of the Detroit area.

    Kirkwood had a classic welfare queen story to tell:

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    What Makes Right Wing Authoritarians Tick?

    The right wing authoritarian Republican Nominee for US Senate in Delaware shown above. Over the past 40-50 years we have seen American right wing extremism and authoritarianism grow from a tiny, isolated, and reviled but committed faction to a...

    The right wing authoritarian Republican Nominee for US Senate in Delaware shown above.

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    Lost in Boehner Land

    At last, Democrats launched their counterattack. For two years, Republicans have joyfully demonized President Obama, his wife, his daughters, his pastor, his staff, his casual acquaintances, and various socialist subversives running amok in Washington. The only Obama associate to escape withering defamation has been his dog Bo.



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