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    The President Owns Everything

    I keep seeing "President Obama's Bipartisan Deficit Reduction Committee" references in headlines and news articles.  I also see left leaning commenters lament the political disaster this is.  On one hand, I can see this from Obama's point of view.  Sure, he formed the committee and picked its members so it is, in that sense, "his."  But he formed the committee and chose the members so that they could put together a proposal for the rest of us to contend with.  It's "Obama's" in the sense that he hired these people.  But it's their work.  That's a subtle but reasonable distincting.  Those of

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    The Inimitable Sanity of David Frum

    I think that it's fair to say we would all be in better shape if the current manifestion of conservatism in America looked less like Sarah Palin and more like David Frum.  I really disliked his views of 9/11 and the Iraq War.  He's also credited with coining the phrase "axis of evil."  And he was not a crossover conservative in 2008, voting for McCain despite his opinion that Sarah Palin was unqualified.

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    FDR's skull will be put on a spike ...

     ... and paraded through the streets of Republican districts, where jeering tea-partiers will pelt it with rotten tomatoes and curse it for "Destroying America" ...

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    PHILOSOPHY CORNER: Our Anti-Listening Milieu

    A friend of mine posted a question on Facebook today,

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    These Things Suck. And a link to the livestreaming of the Catfood Commission Presser

    Unsurprising news comes that Obama is about to start running back his targeted date for beginning to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan.  He is, also unsurprisingly, going with a 2014 date to assess things…again.  Seems Petraeus was right all along, and I am shocked to discover what power he wields for the MICC.

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    In today's Wall Street Journal, Kevin Warsh, one of the Governors of the Federal Reserve, brings back the M word to justify borrowing $75 million pro-liquid and pro-growth dollars.:

    The New Malaise and How to End It

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    Dagbooks: Blowing Smoke – Chapter One - How Bill O'Reilly Saved Christmas

    I am very excited to be hosting Dagblog’s very first book group for various reasons, not the least of which is that we get to discuss a book written by our very own Genghis (Michael Wolraich, for those of you who are new to Dag). We’ll get to the meat of the discussion in just a moment. But first, some ground rules:

    1. The plan is to take the book chapter by chapter, discussing the salient points of each chapter as we work our way through. However, this is meant to be a free-flowing discussion so jumping ahead is fine if you feel it helps you make your point.

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    Oh, Capitalism!

    You are, my dear capitalism, the best method we have for allocating resources to productive use, for creating wealth and for helping people meet most of their needs, most of the time.

    But, seriously?

    A restaurant for dogs?

    And this just after I saw a cooking show about private chefs making dog food for rich people's pets?

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    Michael Moore and Lawrence O'Donnell: Man, those Republicans! They get it!

    Oooh, that hurts. The two Democrats who still admit they're Democrats sittin' and jawin' about how Obama got it wrong and the Republicans got it right. 

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    Is Indonesia Positioning Itself Snugly Between the United States and China?

    ArtAppraiser asked for my thoughts on a New York Times article about the relationships Indonesia is forging with the United States and China. I have to admit I haven't been paying that much attention to politics and economics over here. There isn't much in-depth analysis in the English-language press and my friends are mostly fellow teachers, so we talk more about grammar and culture than geopolitical manuevering. But, for what's it's worth, I do have some thoughts.



    Watching Elizabeth Warren on Maddow last night I was uplifted by the power of her demeanor and her spectacular delivery--"they lost". She showed more backbone in those two words than the whole Obama team did in two years of pontificating.

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    Two Hundred Million a Day

    You'd think for the kind of money President Obama is spending on travel in Right-Wing Fantasy Land, there would be at least one public event during his time in Indonesia. I mean, it's not like there are occasional attacks of terrorism in a city that is beyond impossible to secure.

    Except it is exactly like that. Oh, well. I know somebody who knows somebody who is invited to dinner with the President this evening. Him and a few hundred other more important expats. Not that I'm bitter. But for $200 million a day, you'd think anybody holding a U.S. passport would be invited.



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