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    Giving Thanks

    Thanks. There is no reason to repeat why this is a great holiday, whatever its supposed derivation, or the more accurate and quite understandable basis for it. It is, in the end, a day for us to become one: an entire nation eating roughly the same foods and celebrating together, as best we can.

    "We decry what has happened. These revelations are harmful to the United States and our interests."

    --Philip J. Crowley, Assistant Secretary of State
    Daily Press Briefing, Washington, DC, November 24, 2010

    The relevant excerpt:

    QUESTION: WikiLeaks.
    MR. CROWLEY: Last question. One more, then I got to go.

    QUESTION: WikiLeaks.

    QUESTION: Is it coming down this week? Are you expecting it this weekend? Do you have any idea of what you can on the record, off on background, or off the record --

    MR. CROWLEY: Last question on WikiLeaks. We – no, no. I literally got to go. All right. On WikiLeaks --

    QUESTION: This is on the record?

    MR. CROWLEY: Yeah, sure. We are very mindful of the announcement that WikiLeaks made earlier this week, that there is a release of documents pending at some point in the future. If the past is prologue, that would mean that certain news organizations may well already be in possession of specific documents. So we continue to work through, as we have throughout this process, evaluating both the material that we think was previously leaked from government sources to WikiLeaks, and we continue to make clear that this is harmful to our national security. It does put lives at risk. It does put national interests at risk.

    It’s hard for us to give you any kind of assessment of what the potential impact is, because we actually don’t know what is going to be released. It is our expectation – we’ve known all along that WikiLeaks has in its possession State Department cables. We are prepared if this upcoming tranche of documents includes State Department cables. We are in touch with our posts around the world. They have begun the process of notifying governments that release of documents is possible in the near future. Many of you are aware, we have had similar conversations with members of the Hill to let them know what we are prepared for. This is going to be unhelpful.

    This is – without getting into any discussion of any specific cables, the kinds of cables that posts send to Washington are – they’re classified. They involve discussions that we’ve had with government officials, with private citizens. They contain analysis. They contain a record of the day-to-day diplomatic activity that our personnel undertake. And this back and forth between government, the government of the United States and governments around the world, it is diplomacy in action. It is part of the system through which we collaborate and cooperate with other countries. Inherent in this day-to-day action is trust that we can convey our perspective to other governments in confidence and that they can convey their perspective on events to us. It helps inform us of what’s happening around the world. It informs our – the policies that we undertake on behalf of the American people.

    And when this confidence is betrayed and ends up on the front pages of newspapers or lead stories on television and radio it has an impact. We decry what has happened. These revelations are harmful to the United States and our interests. They are going to create tension in our relationships between our diplomats and our friends around the world. We wish that this would not happen. But we are, obviously, prepared for the possibility that it will.

    QUESTION: And you’ve notified Congress this week?

    MR. CROWLEY: Yes. 

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    Thanksgiving Day Gone Awry


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    Intellectual Property Blues: Beatles Edition

    So, the Beatles are finally available on iTunes, goo goo goo joob. And the news has been greeted with a resounding yawn; many people claim that the move is much, much too late to be hip, and too late to be hip, in the music business, means too late to make a sale. [UPDATE: Since the Beatles sold 2 million songs and 450,000 albums on iTunes this week, I was obviously completely wrong about this.

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    File:Silberfuchs 06.jpg
                                      A FOX LOOKING FOR A HEN HOUSE



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    Creative Corner?

    Hey dagsters. I know that there are a number of creative types running around these parts, and I was wondering if you'd have any interest in adding an arts section to dagblog for fiction, poetry, graphic art, photography, et cetera. It would be a separate section with links in the left panel just below the Readers section. Would you be interested in reading? Contributing? Do you have any suggestions for how it might work?

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    The End Of Retirement

    A few years ago I was at the Investment Company Institute’s annual conference where I watched a presentation by some company called Age Wave about the future of retirement.  Age Wave is run by Ken Dychtwald, a businessy guru “thought leader” type who sells consulting services to companies that want to take a long view of d


    Today was a significant day in the fight against the financial oligarchy. I'll summarize it the best I can, not being a lawyer or an insider. I have a keen interest in today's events not only as an Obama supporter but in terms of my own investment objectives and strategy.

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    Immokalee: A Grass Roots Journey to a Penny a Pound and a Victory of the Meek

    “The Coalition of Immokalee Workers has just proven that when you get up every day to fight for what is right, when you don’t give up even when all the odds are against you, when you don’t compromise on basic principles of fairness, and when you build a strong grassroots movement, economic justice will prevail over greed, and the least fortunate can successfully stand up to the powerful."   Sen. Bernie Sanders, 11/17/10


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    Apocalypse strikes – Conservatives declare victory

    Nov. 23, 2015 — Stating that he’d “Grown bored with the bullshit,” God Almighty announced he was unleashing the Apocalypse some 900 years early.

    “Time goes crazy fast for me and all, but this is unbearable,” said Almighty, 43, adding cryptically, “I have other civilizations to deal with.”

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    See Me, Hear Me, Touch Me, Feel Me.

    While I am of course completely against the TSA's unneccessarily intrusive scanning technology or patdown opt-outs, I think I'm a little sick of the sudden rise of Libertarians who were silent for years while the Bush administration decided to datamine through all of our emails, library records and phone conversations while sending undercover agents to infiltrate peacenik groups and other informal elements of civil society.

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    Chalmers Johnson: 1931-2010



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