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    Coat Hanger Lobby thrilled with Health Care Reform Abortion deal

    WASHINGTON – The Powerful Coat Hanger Lobby celebrated a huge victory over the weekend, as the Senate’s Health Care Reform Bill passed the House of Representatives.

    While Democrats have also cheered the passage of the bill – which could get 30 million more Americans health care coverage – the Coat Hanger Lobby was especially thrilled with deal that will not allow poor women to receive abortions.

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    Jesse James, Sandra Bullock need to confront Nazi connections

    I have plenty of conservative friends, as well as plenty of liberal ones. In day to day life, I – like most of us – tend to judge people on their actions, not their political stances.

    I have never had a friend that was a neo-Nazi, however. There are some people I – like most of us – refuse to meet halfway.

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    Tea Party Big Tent: Racists and Homophobes Welcome

    I'm not sure why I'm surprised. I suppose I thought that, even though I recognize that racism exists, it had at the very least become so impolite to use racial slurs in public that even the most strident bigots would keep their disgusting language to themselves and their cronies.

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    Oliver North & Freedom Alliance: "Debbie Schlussel is a liar"

    In posting their response at Dagblog.com to Debbie Schlussel's claims that Sean Hannity has personally benefited from monies donated to the children of veterans, the Freedom Alliance's Thomas P. Kilgannon and Oliver North have made it clear the line of attack they plan to follow:

    "Debbie Schussel (sic) is a liar, and she's doing it again," was written above the press release.

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    Sean Hannity murders adorable little puppies

    BRAZIL – Right-Wing Blogger-Patriot William K. Wolfrum today unleashed a new bombshell revelation against Fox News host Sean Hannity. Wolfrum stated that he had evidence of Hannity murdering adorable little puppies.

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    Debbie Schlussel: 'Sean Hannity’s Freedom Concerts are just a giant con'

    What makes these allegations stronger is who they are being made by – unrepentant rightist Debbie Schlussel. And she definitely painted a dark picture of what Fox News Host Sean Hannity is doing with his “Freedom Concerts.”

    “Sean Hannity’s Freedom Concerts are just a giant con,” wrote Schlussel.

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    A letter to the people of Iran

    Dear People of Iran,

    I saw that your government has been blocking foreign Web sites, so I’ll make this quick:

    Could you guys please overthrow your current regime and replace it with something less strict and less crazy? Because, trust me on this, President Obama is just waiting for a good opportunity to build bipartisan support via bombing you guys into the Iraqian age. And Mr. Nobel Peace Prize will unleash hell upon you.

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    NAMBLA speaks out: "At least we aren't the Catholic Church"

    For countless decades, Catholic parents around the globe sent their children to work with the Catholic Church in a variety of ways – alter boys, choir members, etc. Many times, this experience is helpful to the child, who learns responsibility, hard work and a deeper understanding of God.

    And many other times, the child returns, completely broken and emotionally destroyed because they were sexually abused by pedophile Catholic priests.

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    Atheist promises to stick with Catholic Church during these ticklish times

    BRAZIL – Atheist blogger William K. Wolfrum – known primarily for posting pictures of his dogs – has come out in support of the Catholic Church today. A life-long Catholic, Wolfrum said it seemed that now was the time for him to “have the back” of his old faith.

    Even though I don’t believe in anything they preach and think they’re evil is no reason for me to abandon them now,” said Wolfrum, who has attended one Catholic Mass in the last two decades. “I’m no hater.”

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    A Brief History of States' Rights

    The New York Times and dagblog's own Larry Jankens reported today on the recent growth of the "states' rights" movement among right wing militants and Tea Party activists opposed to big government. The states' rights supporters are known as "Tenthers" for their veneration of the 10th Amendment, which reserves for the states all powers that the Constitution does not explicitly grant to the federal government.

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    States Tell The Feds To Go F Themselves - Me like!


    There is a new trend among state legislatures to pass laws that are in direct or indirect contradiction to federal statutes.

    1.  South Dakota/Wyoming – Passed a bill saying that federal gun statutes are invalid if the gun is made and used in SD or Wyoming respectively.

    2.  Oklahoma/Utah – Passed a resolution allowing them to opt out of any new federal healthcare mandates.

    3.  Alabama/Tennessee/Washington – Considering measures that would give local police authorities supremacy over federal agents in certain situations.

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    Shock and Amen: Let's take the war to God

    It wasn’t long ago that we all celebrated our final, decisive victory in the War on Christmas. Once we saw that Fox News had taken to using the world “Holiday” repeatedly, it had become official. The dreaded scourge that was Christmas had once and for all been destroyed.

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    Prison isn’t even hiring

    How bad is the economy? Well, it’s getting harder to get your three hots and a cot for the first time in almost 40 years.

    Spurred by budget crises, California and Michigan together reduced their prison populations by more than 7,500 last year, contributing to what a new report says is the first nationwide decline in the number of state inmates since 1972.

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    The Logic of Electing Hypocrites

    Q. What do you call a conservative gay legislator who's in the closet?

    A. A safe vote against gay rights.

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    'Can't Stop the Music' - A Conservative Classic

    Has it really already been 30 years? Three long decades since one of the most important Conservative moments overran this fine nation of ours?

    Yes, it was 30 years ago since the stellar conservative film “Can’t Stop the Music,” with its themes of hard-work, love of country and personal responsibility hit theaters.

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    The Best Post in the World: Daniel Larison

    The best post in the world today is Daniel Larison, dismantling Ross Douthat. Douthat has whined in the times that the film The Green Zone condemns the Iraq occupation without appropriate "nuance." That's right. You read that correctly. Take it away, Dr. Larison:

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    Vaccines don’t cause autism, part 12,374

    From a U.S. federal court, comes the latest inconvenient truth for antivaxxers to deal with:

    A federal court ruled Friday that the evidence supporting an alleged causal link between autism and a mercury-containing preservative in vaccines is unpersuasive, and that the families of children diagnosed with autism are not entitled to compensation.

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    The Business of Universities

    A lot of people who talk about reforming American universities like to say that they should be "run like a business." Those people seldom explain what they mean by that, because they take their "like a business" phrase as self-evident and self-explanatory. But American universities, even if they're non-profits, already run like businesses. In fact, they are businesses. The only question is what kind of businesses they should be.


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