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    President Takes Page from Pope, Issues "Non-Apology" Apology

    I've been somewhat detached this political season, what with my commitment to stay away from the crazy for a while, but I have been reading the post-election blogs at Dag with interest. I have the same feeling now that I had in January 2008--Obama is going to be fine. Of course, I don't have a crystal ball and a lot is going to happen between now and then, including a sure-to-be nauseating 112th Congress.


    The Great Media Purge of 2010 - UPDATED

    The decision by MSNBC and its owner GE (Comcast is currently finalizing the purchase of MSNBC) to suspend Keith Olbermann without pay signals the start of a purge of liberal-leaning commentators.  With an activist right-wing Supreme Court, corporate media owners can, without fear of successful legal suits, prune from their trees anybody who speaks for limits on corporate power and against the redistribution of wealth upwards.  With a blood red House of Representatives, the masters of media know that no legislative response to their fiat will be forthcoming.  Some have questioned the decisio

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    Now What ?

    Sam Smith over at Progressive Review has some thoughts on what to do now. Give the whole thing a read. He has some good ideas.

    MSNBC: Worst person in the world.

    So, MSNBC decided to suspend Keith Olbermann. Why? Because he dared to participate in Democracy!

    I've made no bones about the fact that I think systemically the product produced by MSNBC is the same as all the other cable outlets in selling outrage over information - anger over reason. And as one of their flagship personalities, I've mentioned the way Olberman presents himself as an example.

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    The Mighty, Mighty Fed

    Yesterday, under the cover of darkness, while I was drinking bourbon, Deadman called me a lunatic for suggesting that the U.S.

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    Give 'em Hell Harry's Mad Miracle

    For most of the 1948 campaign season, the only person who believed Harry Truman could win an elected term was Harry himself.  The politicians, the punditry, if not the entire country, thought poor Harry--who was not now and never would be FDR--was laughably unelectable. Not a chance in hell.

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    Rasmussen Skews Red

    Nate Silver grades the pollsters and finds Rasmussen biased.

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    She Did Her Job!

    Nancy Pelosi, that is.  That's why Republicans hate her.  That's why she sends them into litte boy temper tantrums.  That's why she gets so, so, so deeply under their skin.  It's because she does her job effectively, and Republicans hate Democrats who are successful and unafraid doers.

    She shepherded a massive amount of progressive legislation though the House, much of which the Senate then pissed away.   But from a progressive point of view, Nancy did her part.

    Take a Sentrist


    Tired of being too far left to make a difference?  Tired of the crazy Right having too many rights?

    Folks, step right up here (er, or, left up here) and join my new party.

    The Sentrist Party.  Stands for Sensible mixed with Centrist.  Get it?  If not, pay attention, folks, cuz you will.

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    Prosperity American Style

    pros·per·i·ty  –noun, plural -ties.
    1. a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, esp. in financial respects; good fortune.
    2. prosperities, prosperous circumstances.

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    Energy or Water

    Well that's a relief. At Forbes Magazine, Editor-in-Chief, former Republican presidential candidate, Heritage Foundation trustee and Fox News panelist Malcolm Stevenson "Steve" Forbes, Jr. proclaims that hydraulic fracturing will not only make money but will also solve US energy woes.



    I can't keep myself upset 24/7 for the next two years about this upsetting election.

    I think A-man nailed a couple of points, hope I represent them correctly. It's about Independents, this election and the next. The key to Independents was the economy, jobs, they didn't like the progress. There was no populist outcry against Wall St. And IMO it was the reverse of populism, cronyism by Summers, Geitner, and thus inescapably, Obama.

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    The Fed's ultimate hubris...

    So the powers that be on the Federal Reserve Board have decided to engage in round two of their little quantitative easing experiment, basically agreeing to purchase $600 billion in government debt over the next 8 months in order to keep interest rates artificially low and hopefully juice the economy in the process. 

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    The Morning After The Day Before

                The Monday morning quarterbacks are in full flow, and the post-mortem is already on. The alternatives are being immediately staked, and the relevant policy changes demanded. Depending on whom you read, the Democrats lost so many seats in the mid-term election because Obama wasn’t centrist enough or because he was too centrist.

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    Tell Us a Story, Mr. President

    "You'll notice a pattern in all stories: There are three kinds of characters: heroes, villains and there but for the grace of God go I." -- Glenn Beck

    Barack Obama had a story once. He spoke of hope and change, of restoring a distant government tainted by partisan infighting and corporate influence to the people it was meant to serve. But we have not heard that story since November 2008.

    It is not uncommon for presidents to change their stories after assuming office, either because the practice of governing demands adaptation or because they only said what they said to get elected.

    George W. Bush, for instance, ran for office as a "uniter" and a businessman who would restore efficiency to a bloated government; he quickly proved himself to be anything but.

    No matter, the tragic events of 9/11 soon presented him with a far more potent narrative: The swaggering avenger who delivers swift justice against bearded terrorists, mustachioed tyrants and irritating French people.

    Read the full story at

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    The Circular Firing Squad Next Time

    I guess I wasn't the only person who woke up this morning focusing on the next election cycle. Erick Erickson of Red State opened discussion of which Republican Senators to challenge in the 2012 primaries at 8 am this morning. (h/t DougJ) Erickson's post is titled "Potential Tea Party Targets for 2012."

    Which Republican Senators make his initial list? All of them.

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    Apocalypse When?

    Punditry notwithstanding, this remains true: The sky is not falling.  Aside from some specific details vis a vis Tea Partiers and ongoing demographic changes, there is pretty much nothing really surprising about what happened last night from an historical perspective.

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    Tea Time 2010: Hope trashed, audacity smashed and change unbelievable

    "2008 answered the question,' Is America ready for a black president?' In 2010 we'll answer 'Are we ready for an orange speaker?'" — Paul Begala (hat Doonesbury)
    It seems that much of the fate of the Republic is presently in the hands of a tearful man, dyed orange, whose surname is a homophone for what the British call a "stiffy".


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