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Stormy Daniels 2015.jpg

Okay, so CBS 60 Minutes will present the storm of the year review.

Trump's old pay for sex partner shall appear.

Just waiting for the end of the NCAA Basketball thingy to end; it is now in overtime.

No. 1 Kansas v. No. 2 Duke.

I do not care even if I should.

Speaking of overtime.

This dalliance, as you might recall occurred just shortly following the birth of Donald's last kid (we think?) whom we never get to see.


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Page 83 illustration in More English Fairy Tales.png

I saw my Pixies

This last weekend with no end.

Oh how I love them

Little girls just wonder

Where is my Daddy right now?

Asks Precious to me

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Maxine Waters: Devin Nunes Is A "Messenger Boy" For "Don the Con Man" Trump!

I just love this lady!

She is a low IQ individual?

I have been thinking about 'themes' for next year?

Maxine has kind of decided this issue for me.

Some member of Rubio's advisory commission got him to go on a rage; attempting to use the same tactics as Trump.

Oh look, he is orange.

Oh look, he is an idiot.

Oh look, he is a no-nothing.

Obviously it did not work in 2016.

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Graham in a suit with his fist clenched

Billy Graham was a shyster.

This man did not ever believe one goddamn thing he ever professed.

This man hated Jews:

This man hated Blacks.

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Police at Sandy Hook.PNG

Years ago I wrote a post satirically reviewing an accidental shooting in an elementary school.

Some little kid took a gun to school and it fell out of his back pack, struck the floor and went off.

No one was injured.

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Vicente Fox flag.jpg

Vicente Fox is a great man!

Here is the once, great, President of Mexico on Bill Maher.

I always loved this guy.

I have watched this bilingual leader for years!


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There are new proposals concerning SNAP coming from the right and the WH
and the Repubs, but these proposals are not new.
Repubs have despised the food stamp program for decades.
I live on a small though median (it turns out) Social
Security payment once a month.
I also receive subsidized housing (30% + cable).
I am doing fine.
For some reason that I will never understand I receive
fifteen bucks in food stamps.


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