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Obama did not kill bin Laden – He’s running for office in Brazil

Yes, Bin Laden is alive and well in Brazil, where he’s running for office in the mid-term elections. His political aims? Apparently disillusioned by Jihad following his Pakistan bullet adventure, he is running to rid the nation of corruption and child labor. It’s a big move for Osama, who once made a living in Brazil in the bug extermination business.

Brazilians aren’t at all fearful of Bin Laden, and for good reason. They have Batman and Robin to protect them.

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Your Twitter choir won’t be winning this election

One of the first soccer games I attended in Brazil was a battle between Minas Gerais interstate rivals Cruzeiro and Atlético Mineiro. The crowd of more than 50,000 was evenly split between fans of each team, with each side separated from one another in the stadium.

During intermission, I wandered around the stadium, coming to the area where police had cordoned off the sides. On one side were fans of Cruzeiro, the other side fans of Atlético, both sides taunting one another. Then, the taunting got too intense. And the police tear gassed the lot of us.

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Birth-Control as 9/11 -- Know your hyperbole

When Republican Rep. Mike Kelly stood in front of the world and stated that the birth-control mandate was comparable to Sept.11 and the Pearl Harbor attacks, it got people’s attention. This was a true game-changing statement in many ways. Mostly, it changed how we Americans should now compare things.

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I got your culture right here, with a side order of French fries

Being an incredible success in life is something I’ve come to grips with lo these many years. And while I’d like to say that hard work and discipline have taken me to my current staggering heights, we all know that’s a load of nonsense. There is but one reason why I am the successful man I am:

I’m cultured like a son of a bitch.

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NBC has Twitter suspend journalist critical of Olympics coverage - I'm out

I have been a big fan and user at Twitter for some time and feel it is a social media tool with incredible potential. That said, I’m out. Because of this:

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Brazil's Neymar - a gold medal would make up for that haircut

With two games down in the London Olympics, Brazil’s men’s soccer team has looked strong, scoring six goals on its way to two victories. Brazil’s most famous player – young attacker Neymar – is showing why European clubs are drooling over him, scoring twice and setting up two other goals.

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Penn State deserves worse

Penn State just received a walloping from the NCAA for the Sandusky pedophilia ring. A penalty of $60 million, vacating all its wins from 1998 to 2011 and a ban from bowl games for four years.

And it’s not enough.

On its own, Penn State University needs to drop its football program for at least five years. Pulling Joe Paterno’s statue down and pretending like the last 40 years didn’t happen isn’t enough.

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Mitt Romney: There’s no there there - or worse

There is no there there.

This allegation has long been lobbed at Mitt Romney. In the GOP primaries of 2008, it wasn’t much of a secret that Romney was generally despised by the other GOP candidates. And Presidential looks be damned, the public didn’t show Romney much love, either.

But Romney followed the game plan of Bob Dole, John McCain and others in the Republican party – he waited until it was his turn. The year is 2012, this is Mitt Romney’s turn.

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Anderson Cooper stands up, is counted

Anderson Cooper’s sexual preference has never been much of a secret, but his coming out to Andrew Sullivan and the world in a touching e-mail truly resonates. Everyone's experience on this planet is different, and no where is that more true than in the LGBT community.


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