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    What will we do for the next three weeks?

    Compare and contrast.

    Louisiana Republican Sen. David Vitter (whose job it is to enact legislation): "I have a fundamental problem with any 1,000-page bills."

    The Daily Show's Jon Stewart (whose job it is to make us laugh): "I've read the bill."

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    Inbreeding is Good?

    I was always under the impression that inbreeding was a bad idea. Not only is it creepy, but a diverse gene pool is desirable – at least that’s what I thought.  Until I read about the Italian town of Stoccareddo.  Just as a narrowed gene pool can increase the probability of a bad trait becoming overly prevalent, it can also do so for a good trait.

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    Obama is Hitler: Satire for the satirically challenged

    Obama is Literally Hitler

    So should we call him Obitler? Hiltama? Seriously though folks, this is funny stuff.

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    GOP Announces First Annual Prevaricator of the Year Award

    In Washington on Tuesday, Republican Minority Whip Eric Cantor announced that the GOP would hold a banquet in September to honor outstanding Americans for their contribution to public debate.

    Said Cantor, “The President gets to hand out the Presidential Medal of Freedom to whoever he wants. Just this week, President Obama handed out the medal to two dead guys. Our award will have much stricter eligibility requirements.”

    Inaugural award nominees include:

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    The Ad Council Commercials: Stupid or Super-Stupid? You Decide

    Oh, how I disdain the Ad Council and their stupid commercials. Just look at these. Few things boils my blood more than seeing our government piss away our tax dollars. Our hard earned capital is routinely spent on frivolous endeavors that benefit few while burdening the majority. While I think government spending in certain areas is absolutely necessary, spending money on stupid stuff is deplorable. An awesome example of horrible government spending is the Ad Council. While the organization itself is not a governmental agency, it accepts millions of dollars in public funds.

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    MOFT: Episode 17 (Crocs)

    As devoted deadman blog readers with photographic memories know (a surprisingly slim sample size), I've never been a fan of being barefoot.

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    News From the Future: NASA Reenacts Historic Moon Landing

    July 20, 2029

    To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the first moon landing, NASA staged a high-tech reenactment of the event in Nevada National Landfill Park. The landing was delayed by several hours due to cloudy weather and space junk that disrupted satellite transmission of President George Prescott Bush's remote broadcast from Washington D.C. Officials finally commenced the mission without the President's address after impatient visitors began shouting and throwing landfill refuse, including vintage Pepsi bottles, plastic shopping bags, and other historic artifacts.

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    Breaking: Goldman Sachs Apologizes for Earnings, Promises to Reduce Profits

    Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs, apologized today for his firm's strong earnings in 2009. In a press statement, he took responsibility for the profit and promised to lose money more aggressively for the remainder of the year.

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    American Conservative Union Tried to Sell Its Endorsement. So What?

    The American Conservative Union (ACU), which proudly boasts of being "the nation's oldest conservative lobbying organization," proudly demanded $2M+ from FedEx in return for endorsing its position in a legislative dispute with UPS, stating, "We stand with FedEx in opposition to this legislation."

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    How come levi is talking trash about sarah palin?

    Hi everyone!!!!!!! Smile i wrote a letter to sarah palin on tues but she hasn't answered yet but i know that she will becuz she appreciates her grrrrlfriends!!!!! Kiss

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    Your new crappy band

    This is a web meme that has been around for a while, but seems to be getting more traction lately so it deserves some more pub.  I invite y'all to participate.

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    DEAR SARAH PALIN: just say no to the haters!!!!!!!


    i am writing 2u becuz i have been reading lots of stuff from media dorks Foot in mouth who hate u becuz ur beautiful and successful Kiss.

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    The Heretic's Bible - Genesis 17: Abram trims his plow

    When Abram turned 99, God came to him and said, “'I am God Almighty. Walk before Me and be perfect.”

    Commentary: Yessir, God definitely had a man-crush on Abram.

    Abram complied by falling flat on his face. Then God promised several more times to give Abram many, many offspring until Abram was about ready to tell God to shut up about the offspring already.

    But then God demanded a price for his largess: circumcision.

    Commentary: A kinky man-crush.

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    Top 5 and Bottom 5 Animal Hybrids (with pics)

    One of my favorite movies from the 90’s is The Island of Dr. Moreau. A disturbing tale of a mad scientist splicing genes of animals and humans to make ungodly hybrids that eventually run amok on the island. I liked the movie so much that I even tried to read the book, but there were no pictures so I quickly lost interest.
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    North Korean Threat Generator ™

    BREAKING: Having issued a number of bellicose threats in recent weeks, the government of North Korea has run dangerously low on epithets and histrionic adjectives. Though North Korea is the world's leading producer of hyperbole, the prolific output of the government controlled Central News Agency has outstripped their supply. Analysts fear that without wrathful verbiage, North Korea will resort to military force and patriotic parades.


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