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    My Glorious "Resignation" Speech to the Impudent Mewling Nothings of the Blogosphere

    Dear readers, compatriots, and assorted morons,

    There have been rumors that I would bow to the outpouring of popular contempt by resigning my position as Administrator in Chief at dagblog.com, one of the most populous and strategic properties in the blogosphere. Those rumors are lies.

    I have faced public flaming several times in my illustrious career. I did not submit, nor yield to ad hominem attacks. I do not negotiate with trolls.

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    William K. Wolfrum resigns after lurid but pathetic Craigslist encounter

    Noted blogger and journalist William K. Wolfrum resigned today after the Web Site Gawker ran incriminating and racy photos and text that he had sent to an unidentified woman on Craigslist.

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    Centrism: The Truth Rundown

    David Broder stared out his office window. His calmness had an eerie quality to it, a feel that there was anger just underneath. This was a man obviously smarting from the closing of the Centrist Democratic Leadership Council, and it showed. Still staring out the window, he finally spoke.

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    Barack Obama and the Chamber of Mostly Shallows

    Now, on some issues, like the Recovery Act, we've found common cause. On other issues, we've had some pretty strong disagreements. But I'm here today because I'm convinced we can and must work together. Whatever differences we may have, I know that all of us share a deep belief in this country, our people, and the principles that have made America's economy the envy of the world.
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    Tired of the Oppression Biz? Retire In Style with Professional Autocrat Consulting Services

    You've worked hard your whole life. It was a tough job with grueling hours, intense pressure, and dangerous working conditions, but you never gave up. You sacrificed everything to do the best you could.

    As retirement nears, all you want is recognition for your distinguished service and a small nest egg with which to enjoy your twilight years.

    At Dagblog Autocrat Consulting Services, we recognize your impressive accomplishments and appreciate your desire for an honorable legacy. That's why we've put together a full-service retirement program that will enable you to make a graceful exit and retire in comfort.

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    Blogroll Amnesty Day is Un-American

    Each year around this time, I'm contacted by a small cadre of political bloggers looking to push something they call "Blogroll Amnesty Day." The idea behind this day is for big, important, A-List, nationally recognized bloggers like myself to give out links to small, unimportant, D-List, not-recognized-in-ther-own-home bloggers.

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    Friday Follies: Miley's tattoos, Limbaugh's NYT joke, and other "news"

    I've been thinking for a while now of launching a new feature called "Friday Follies", where I would post each Friday some silly moments of the week past. Just some nonsense to pass the time.  Nothing earth-shaking, just a little fun.

    So this morning, when I opened My Google and grabbed a look at the top CNN headline, I decided I shouldn't wait any longer.  Today was the day "Friday Follies" would begin:
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    GOP cancels Black History Month party, slices $372.68 off budget

    WASHINGTON – After making campaign promises that they’d cut as much as $150 billion from the U.S. budget, Congressional Republicans could only come up with $32 billion in savings for the remainder of fiscal 2011, a move likely to anger their Tea Party base. However, deficit-hawk Paul Ryan, the Chairman of the House Budget Committee, insisted their work is not yet done.

    “We’re just getting started,” Tweeted Ryan.

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    BREAKING: "Liberal" Blogger Joins Dark Side

    Friends, we have been betrayed. A blogger whom you have long trusted to deliver information untainted by the slightest hint of conservative doctrine, a liberal's liberal, a progressive's progressive, a man so far to the left that he has been compared to Mao Tze-tung, Che Guevara, and Susan Sarandon, is working for the king of right-wing propaganda: Rupert Murdoch.

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    GOP to introduce “Nose-Cutting-Off” bill

    WASHINGTON – Having returned to prominence with a campaign dedicated to promoting job creation and cutting spending, Congressional Republicans have made repealing Health Care Reform and redefining the word “rape” their two most pressing issues since taking control of the House.

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    Snappy Gorebacks To Stupid Questions

    Then Why Is It Snowing, Mr. Gore?

    The former Vice-President and climate change activist offers a number of responses to this most pressing question.

    By your reckoning, the Earth is 6,000 years old.  Give it time.

    Because you keep voting for people who make sure that you can’t afford to retire some place tropical.

    It snows on the righteous and the just and, well… you. 

    It’s not snow, it’s angel kisses. Feel better now?

    The Ski Resort Industrial Complex.


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    Federal Judge Rules Capitalism Unconstitutional

    AMERICA – A Federal Court in Florida has struck down Capitalism, ruling that the requirement for individuals to live under any type of economic system is unconstitutional.

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    I support the Egyptian people – provided it doesn’t affect me

    Having watched events unfold in Egypt this past week, I must say I am impressed by the bravery and strength of will shown by the Egyptian people. They are standing tall against a dictatorial regime, and that is to be applauded.

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    State of the Union: The Undecided Voters' Rebuttal

    Hey everyone!

    First, let me thank the Undecided Voters who have asked me to give this rebuttal - which is like a speech thing I'm told and is important.  Anyway, President Barack Obama's was talking last night was on a bunch of channels I'm told. I saw a little of it and thought his tie was kind of weird, but maybe it stood for something important like Barney.

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    If CNN can call for Mass Bloodshed, then so can I!

    Before I start this blog post, let me make one thing absolutely clear - I do not, under any circumstance, advocate armed insurrection against the United States. That, my friends, is totally not my scene.

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    Noted William K. Wolfrum blog source Tim Johnson missing

    Tim Johnson and the bear

    TUPELO, MISS — Tim Johnson – a vital source to journalist and blogger William K. Wolfrum – has been declared missing after disappearing a week ago following a camping excursion. Johnson, 43, was last seen doing arm curls with a baby bear last Friday. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

    Johnson has been a featured source in numerous blog posts by Wolfrum, including:

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    Pope John Paul II's final miracle - making child molestation seem like no big deal

    VATICAN - Pope John Paul II will be beatified on May 1, after Vatican officials judged that the deceased pontiff's ability to make child molestation and sexual abuse charges seem like no big deal was officially a miracle.


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